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Here's a little challenge over the summer months - tell us about the odd and quirky things on the street where you live - Find three interesting things about your street, block or business and share them here.

As a starter here is something based on my own street:

Three things about ... Melbourne Avenue

No1. The Original drain covers in Melbourne Avenue front gardens are marked with the street name, and location as part of the casting.

It's a great bit of Edwardian Attention to detail - on a most basic and functional piece of engineering.

See picture below:

No2. The South side of Melbourne Avenue is a continuous terrace ... one block from Green Lanes through to Palmerston Road ... yet there is no number 29. House numbers jump from 27 to 31 - can anybody suggest why this might be?

No3. Topiary Smileys - over several years on of our neighbours has been cultivating a privet hedge into shape to create two smiling faces. A smile that is reciprocated every time I pass.

What about where you live? In a comment below - or in a new message - tell us about three interesting things close to home.

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Comment by Dave McNeill on August 2, 2013 at 17:05

I notice that the style of the houses changes between 27 and 31. One can imagine a US railroad type situation where competing companies started building from either end of the road and that's where they met.

Or maybe not :)

Comment by Lindsey Berthoud on August 6, 2013 at 14:57

Lascotts Road:

1. The bottom of the road is dominated by Sirwan, the supermarket, with customers using Lascotts for parking. Last year, Sirwan created an ingenious "dwelling" in the space between the advertising billboard and the shop. 

It's been taken down since but I did get a photo. Amazing. 

2.  Birds that have been spotted visiting Lascotts include a flock of starlings, magpies, blackbirds, robins, wood pigeons, feral pigeons, collared dove, great tits, blue tits, long-tailed tits and a pair of ducks. Seagulls refuse to land here. 

3. It is a road of many conversions, many satellite dishes and many cats. 

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