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Seeking lost friends from 1960's Wood Green and Muswell Hill

Hello everyone my name is John. I appreciate there are other sites/places which (on the face of it) are more relevant for people finding. However, to be frank, I have exhausted them all. 

To begin, I am not a local!  I live, and have always lived in Luton, Beds. Hope you will let me off the intrusion! 

One lovely summers day back in 1967, my mate and I decided to take a non planned random tour around parts of North London.  We were both age 20 at the time.  We set off going through St. Albans, London Colney, then on to near nearby South Mimms. Taking a turn which led us through to Barnet. On to Whetstone (remember the tall Ever Ready Building) and for no particular reason we turned down Colney Hatch Lane. Or a road eventually leading to it.

Along the way we espied two pretty young ladies crossing the road at a set of traffic lights. Being cheeky chappies, we wound the window down and asked if they would care to join us for a coffee. 

To our surprise and delight they agreed. We all got on extremely well and agreed to meet again. We had lots of nice trips out to Clacton, Southend-On-Sea and Bournemouth and other places. We met their parents and they came to Luton and met ours too.

Sadly the romances came to an end.  Mixture of little spare money for petrol, and the sheer distance involved. Or it seemed so- in those days. I guess more importantly, there was there was an imbalance.They were both somewhat keener than we were. I guess we were still not ready to make it a long term thing. To be honest they deserved better than us two rascals as we were. But as the years have gone by we both have serious regrets, and a sense of sadness, that we could and should, have treated them better.

They were so lovely and kind to us. Both of us now in our early 70s we have dedicated quite a lot of time over many years in attempting to find them. Thus far we have made little progress. I am the main researcher (Indeed I am a genealogy specialist and tracer) but this one has beaten me!   

Here is what we have:- one of the Girls My (friends) ex ,-lets say#1. We have the full maiden and married name and region she lived-Wood Green. and was  Born in Wood Green 1950.  We have traced hetr to a current address today. It was no easy task by the way. Written 3 x but no response.  As a last resort (as the address could be out of date) I respectfully spoke to her "other half" Just asking if she is doing fine? and to say hello.But he flatly denies it is her-a pity as I know it is her. # 2. Sadly I can't recall her surname, but I know 100% she lived in Woodberry Crescent as I visited her quite a lot. Have worked though the 1967 electoral roll and placed some of the residents who are still there, but no go!

What I am thinking is that if anyone knew these two girls (they were good friends) it might unlock something.  As I stated we have one full name, and one christian name. 

Hope I haven't bored you all too much.

Lastly, we are both happily married with grandkids etc. Not looking for anything more than to reconnect and and the odd cup of coffee maybe. Time is running out for us all!

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