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'De Cow is De Enemy' by Benjamina Zaccarina

                              De Cow is De Enemy by Benjamina Zaccarina
You bin brainwashed you idiot man
‘Drinka Pinta Milka Day’ is crap
An you knowit.
Don’ drink no milk is what I say
An here is reasons forit.
De cow, presented forever as de gentle creature
Is de enemy
She chop down deforests for her grazin’ land
An all de creatures who live in dem forests
Dey Die.
No mo’ home, no mo’ food, no mo’ good lovin’
Dey extinctify.
De cow and de bullocks, dey fart lots
Dey burp, dey fart
Is all dat grass, man
Take lotta digestin’
Four fat stomachs – quadruple fartin’
An all dis methane
Cause global warmin’
An you be's sad cos
Ice caps meltin’
Forests burnin’
Weather changin’
De planet and all her creatures
Dey blame de cow
Dey cause big trouble, de cow farts
De cow is de enemy
De planet sufferin’, man.
De food from de cow, she bad news
De fat in milk, butter an meat
Too much of dat, man
Furr up yer arteries dat carry de blood
Yer life blood, she can’t get round ya body
Yer heart tries a-pushin’ it
But de road’s too narrow
Ya get shorta breath
Ya get ill, ya die
Killed by de food from de cow
De Cow is De Enemy.
De cow she is clever
She make you wanna love her
Like to mamma’s milk
De cream an de cheese
She make de hamburger
De juicy beefsteak
Yous mouths a-waterin – yeah?
Hah! Is all a trap.
She rule de world now, de evil cow
An you her servants
She be holy in India
Dey no fools, dey know she poison
De Cow is De enemy.

So don’ believe dem, man
When dey pretty up de cow
She jump over de moon
You, are de moon calf, you idiot.
De cow is de enemy.

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