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A is for apple, shiny and bright
B is for bat, who flies in the night.
C is for cow, munching on hay
D is for dragonfly, hunting its prey.
E is for eggs, snug in the nest
F is for flea, an unwelcome guest
G is for grasshopper, buzzing its call
H is for hedgehog, who rolls in a ball.
I is for iris, a flag in the breeze
J is for jellyfish, floating in seas.
K is for kingfisher, skimming the stream
L is for lizard, languid and green.
M is for mango, juicy and sweet
N is for nuts, so good to eat.
O is for octopus with eight bendy arms
P is for piglets, favourites on farms.
Q is for quail, elusive game bird
R is for reindeer, who run in a herd
S for snapdragon, toadflax, darling bunny nose
T is for tortoise, slowly he goes.
U is urban fox, slinky scavenger
V is for violet, pretty spring flower
W a weasel, weaselly recognised
X for xylota segnis, hovers and flies. Yes a hoverfly.
Y is for yellow-legged gull, soaring the skies,
Z for zebra spider, an unlikely disguise.

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