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Hi. I'm a volunteer for London's Screen Archives, and I've been cataloguing a film about Wood Green (including bits on Bounds green) for them, trying to work out where all the places are, dates, people etc. I've done as much as I can from books & the internet, but now need a bit of  expert advice from local residents (yourselves), and perhaps a trip to the archive after that. If anyone's interested in having a look at the whole thing, here it is. it's mainly archive photos and pictures, with live footage from the 1960s at the end.The soundtrack's been lost, so it can be a bit difficult to follow what it's all about. I've tried to make up for that in the description & the further information section. Any further information or relevant memories would be welcome: The Changing Years

In particular, can anyone from this group confirm exactly where the attached pic was taken? I thought it could be Durnsford Road, but the roofs don't look quite right. Were there houses 

like this on Bounds Green Road, perhaps?

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Jolly butcher hill - looking downhill - long long gone!

Look at the trees - to the left right and the middle and the two posts - one on the corner and in front of the trees - with the finials on top.

Later became spouter's corner i am led to believe.

Tube station is now on the left corner.

Well spotted Hutch! I am convinced...

Your reference to Spouters corner provided a very timely reminder to this local history article from a while ago.

Good stuff, Richard. I may expand my bit on Spouter's corner a little, with reference to this. Also read, enjoyed, borrowed from & referenced your article on music at the Fisherman's Arms. Hope that's o.k. (P.S Remember me?  Joe's mum from Woodcraft folk. Hi!)

Hi Zoe, of course feel free to re-use any of the content here... Hope all is well with you, best wishes to Joe

Excellent. Well done, Hutch Woodward!

Palace Gates to Seven Sisters – The lost railway line of Bounds Gre...

Wow, that's kept me up well past my bedtime! Great to see clips of the old Commerce Road that, along with Finsbury Road, was once the Victorian commercial, light industrial & retail heart of Wood Green (with some 80 concerns - the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker... etc.) A similar number of small businesses were also grouped around Myddleton Road, and the relationship between the two areas seems to be along Tesco/Waitrose lines ("Bowes Park is Wood Green with its Sunday clothes on. Wood Green is the original Jack Jones; Bowes Park is Jack Jones ‘come into a bit o’ splosh")

All power to your elbow, Zoe (and well impressed by Hutch's forensic vision!) You might find more local history nuggets in my own article above, especially in the comments section. I'm sure you've also come across Albert Pinching's works on the area. Let me know if I can be of any assistance.

Kind Regards

Thanks. I may tweak slightly in the light of your comment.  And what a great article on the Palace Gates line! Will give it a more leisurely read later, but am already struck, not just by the research, but also the character you give it. I love "clanking, whistling, hissing, industrial cacophony", for example.



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