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Voter Registration - Urgent! Don’t lose your vote, or allow your neighbours and others you know to lose out

An estimated 1.9million people could potentially drop off the electoral register after November 2015 because of the government’s introduction of 'individual electoral registration'.

In the past, one person could register on the whole household’s behalf; government changes mean that each individual now needs to register for themselves.

Another 8 million people are already missing from the register. That’s almost 1 in 5 adults without the vote.

Who is this most likely to affect?

  • Young people (only 25% of 17-year-olds are on the register, and you can register at 16)
  • Students
  • Generation Rent, people in insecure temporary or shared housing, the hidden homeless (e.g. sofa-surfers).
  • People who are new to the country


Why it matters

  • This is important not only because we have hugely important elections coming up in May 2016 in Scotland, London, Wales, and many English councils, but also because it will have a significant effect on the 2020 general election by reducing the representation of poorer areas.
  • Before the next general election, the Boundary Commission will redraw constituency boundaries. The Commission will do this based on who is on the electoral register on 1 December 2015.
  • Areas where more people fail to register will get fewer seats.

If you know your National Insurance Number you can register yourself quickly and easily online now using the link below. Don't lose your voice - register yourself for voting now. Also if like me you think it is very important for democracy that as many people as possible have the opportunity to vote if they want to then please share this to help get the word out there about this major change to the electoral registration system.

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