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One thing I always somehow forget to add in my basket for the cooking is thyme and unfortunately I can never seem to find it in the Myddleton Road shops in my last minute flap. So a huge thanks to Mary Blake and Sustainable Bowes Park for their excellent herb planters on the station platform for saving my supper. You can't cook decent roast vegetables without a few lovely sprigs of Thyme....especially if you undercook the pork!

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Mat are like so many entrepreneurs ... a busy man with so many things to do it leaves you Thyme poor!

Well you've always got thyme with Sustainable Bowes Park. Sorry that's a bad one.
Sadly, Mary couldn't help my cooking which left me with far too roasted potatoes and pink pork! You could say I got my thymings wrong!
Pleased to hear the herbs are being used, and that they survived the lovely summer weather.
I watered them a couple of times after a long dry spell, and have made use of the thyme, chives and sage.
A quick recipe - pork fillet slices beaten thin, topped with a slice of prosciutto and a couple of sage leaves, fixed with a cocktail stick, fried quickly, and a splash of white wine, Madeira or similar added - delicious (originally a "Delia" I think)

Very belated thanks for tending to the thirsty herbs Trish, and the recipe sounds delicious..

Would you be up for a planter pruning-and-planting session some time?

Hi Mat

A rather delayed response to your post..

Great to hear the thyme's being used - is that your cooking in the photo?  Respect!

The planters are in need of a bit of tlc to get them shipshape for spring.  I've had an offer of compost and daffodil bulbs, but none of muscle/digging yet - please spread the word, thanks!


Hi was my cooking yes, can't remember what happened now but something went wrong after that pic! More than happy to lend a hand and do a bit of digging and muscle work. Will need careful guidance though, written intructions preferable!



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