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Nature along the New River has been just beautiful this year.  The two goslings are nearly as large as their parents now, and the four punk-headed baby coots are growing bigger and have learnt to feed themselves.  The two cormorant chicks are also no longer chicks, but young adults. The smart grey heron has been a regular visitor and sadly had neglected baby ducklings for an early supper one evening.  And a lone yellow wagtail bobs along the top of the bank on the Palmers Green stretch. Yesterday, the 10th, I saw the most surprising bird yet... it was a Small Egret. It was on the stretch between the North Circular and Palmers Green.  I saw this white thing on the bank along on the far side as I walked to PG.  Was it yet another blown plastic bag or a bird?  Then it took off and flew past me..... It was an egret!  I know them well from Egypt, but was so surprised that I walked back to where it had settled by the weed grabber... and for sure it was an egret.  White body, black bill and black legs - sort of a small heron but certainly not a grey heron.  It is the first one I have seen near here.  What an amazing year for nature in Bowes Park.

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