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Residents living in the Enfield part of the Bowes & Bounds area have received a leaflet on Monday from Enfield Council about the proposed Bowes Quieter Neighbourhood Scheme. A scan of the leaflet, including a map of the scheme is attached below. 

The Friends of the Green, Bounds Green (FGBG) want to know what you think about the proposed plans. Enfield Council have released a perception survey, but it is the group's understanding that a consultation will be done later on when the trial is up and running. The group thinks that is too late so they want to hear your views now as big changes are coming. The measures are planned to be implemented in August and September.

They would be grateful if you could take part in a short survey; the results of which will be fed back to Enfield and Haringey Councils.

The survey is available on their website:

Please complete it before midnight on 28th July 2020.


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Campaigners in Bowes approached BPCA, met face to face and followed up via email to engage regarding the Bowes LTN campaign but it didn't seem to be a priority at the time. I'm sure that willingness to engage still exists. Are you in Haringey and in the proposed Haringey LTN area? A joined up approach is needed to compel Haringey to follow up on their LTN application for Bounds Green.

It's unreasonable for one group of people to take all the pain on behalf of everyone.  We've already learnt from previous traffic negotiations that this process needs serious, detailed consultation between representatives of the different areas. 

It's inevitable that if traffic is being directed away from one area, it will land in another so this needs to be managed very carefully.  

Whittington Road suddenly feels like a much busier place so I dread to think how it feels to live on Clarence Road and Truro Road, where I've now witnessed back to back traffic queues in the mornings to get onto an already jammed Bounds Green Road. 

So, that's great that people in Bowes are enjoying the bliss but I'm afraid it's at great cost to their neighbours in Bowes Park.  Ignoring the impact on your near neighbours is not the most constructive way for Enfield Council or the residents of Bowes to proceed.  

As with the consultation that led to the no right turn at the top of whittington road , one can see only a select few of residents  have the spare time to delve into the pos and cons of what effect the closure of the right tirn would have on local business ,bearing in mind the builders depot , tile warehouses etc require a quick right turn,

 naturally the loudest support came from the residents of the top half of whittington who were of the opinion that the no right turn would result in less traggic jams at the top of whittington road,

The problems are further aggravated because residents come from two boroughs and some of the resients in the haringey end are anti enfield borough and vice verse.

i live in haringey , but in my opinion we should not be tempted to put all our energies albeit  a select few  into  attacking enfield because they  got in first , but concentrate on how we can  stop the rat run on

1 palmerston road

2 clarence / truro and trinity road

3 whittington road 

rather than make the botton of whittington road no entry  no exite we made the top of whittington no right turn 

we cut of our noses to spite our faces , there is now a clear run for traffic to use whittington road and palmerston road as a substitute route to  brownlow road ,

i suggest as a temporary measure , we make the bottom of whittington no entry no exit , ie the enfield side,  reopen the right turn  on bounds green road,   , consult with trades people  on this.Caroline said she would not concede on this , although it wasnt her brainchild , i can understand her concerns , if the no exit no entry at the bottom end of whittington is not  introduced simultaneously .

if there is increased traffic on thorold . manor . northbrook make these no entry roads .

we must ensure that displaced traffic through this measure adversely effects our sister roads , palmerston , clarence , rinity . nightinggale  and truro road..

i have lived in the area sice 1979 ,and have sen the deimse and destruction of the shopping arena, hence why i would like there to be direct access to a right turn on bounds green road but compensated by a no entry no exit into whittington road ,

we require cobbled pavements , more litter bins , street cameras . and benches for the elderly .to encourage the locals to give cars and bikes a break. too.

Quite right. Data shows Warwick Road and Brownlow Rd were 'taking the pain on behalf of everyone'. Residents have spent years campaigning, spent endless hours of their own time and have done something about it, good on them I say. Campaigners reached out to a residents' association in Bowes Park to discuss what was being proposed. Haringey has put in a bid for an LTN - do you wish to campaign for an area solution? Incidentally I've observed traffic on Bounds Green Rd to be free flowing in both directions every morning this week (and Brownlow and A406).

Can you add Nightingale Road to your list please?

i added nightingale road to the list ,  i presume  Matthew was agreeing wiith the statement , that we should not be  annoyed with residents in our  sister borough, because th years of campaigning has paid  off . 

It  does seem strange that when we fought for the no right turn at the top of whittington , it would have been evident that this action would inevitably result  in cars turning into plamerston, nightingale truro clarence and the doing a u turn to join the traffic going right on bounds green road. there was not a whisper of discontent and it slipped through without opposition.

It  does seem to me much of the concerns may be due to sibling  rivalry   and which side of the fence ones political leanings may lie. i hope i have got it wrong in respect of the present  furore ., 




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