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Is anyone interested in becoming admin for the Bowes and Bounds Facebook page? 

It now has 600+ likes and needs new posts each week to keep folk engaged. 

It's been really fun building the following and sharing interesting local events, news and stories but am now moving out of the area so need someone else to take it on. 

Have a look at

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I wish I could say yes, Lindsey, but as anyone who knows me will confirm, I've only recently worked out how to reply on this site and am proud of myself if I can manage to attach a picture on Twitter, so I really don't think I'm the right person for the job.... Thanks for all your hard work for the community and I'm positive there's someone out there who can take over.

Thanks Emma, hope so! :)

Just bumping this up the forum - if anyone's a bit interested but worried about maintaining the Facebook page, please don't be. An hour a week will be enough for you to schedule some posts throughout the coming week and they publish automatically. It's a nice way to look out for interesting local stories and photos to share. 

Message me with any questions if you prefer. Last day in Bowes Park 29 Feb!



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