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Bowes Ward Forum was tonight

Excellently attended. Covered a great many items / issues / problems of concern to our residents. One of several action points was to encourage everyone to contact Achilleas, Yasemin and me over the next month with items that might be addressed through the  Enfield Residents Priority Fund. You have our details on the Bowes Labour website. Please get in touch

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Bowes ward forum (Enfield)

Trinity at Bowes Church, Palmerston Road

Thursday 23 October, 7.30pm

Heavy agenda!

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Warwick. Further uproar even as we try to overcome TFL's recalcitrance

Letter from LBE traffic specialist today

Dear Cllrs

As you may already know, Thames Water are currently working in Warwick Road as part of their lead pipe replacement programme.  As part of these works, Warwick Road will be closed from next Thursday between the North Circular and Wakefield Road  for around three weeks, with access for residents only. Further closures will follow on as the works roll down Warwick Road, as indicated on…


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New police sergeant in Bowes ward

Here is the email we received


Good Evening,


My name is Perry LaFrenais and I am taking over as sergeant for Bowes Ward. I know you already have two very good Ward officers in Chris and Simon and I look forward to working with them and yourselves to address any problems that occur on this ward.


I will hopefully meet you all in person soon but in the mean time if you do have any issues please tell Chris or Simon or contact me…


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It wouldn't be right to use the website to canvas votes for my party, as other parties have just as much a right to make their case.

But one thing that we can all agree upon is the benefit of taking part in the democratic process.

Come rain or shine, I hope that Bowes ward Enfield and Bounds Green ward Haringey enjoy high voter participation

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Bowes Labour wants more trees. Not just us. Most parties agree.

The problems are twofold:

- a sizeable minority of residents are opposed (because trees uproot pavements, cause blind spots, etc.)

- where a tree has been removed due to illness, it's often inadvisable to replant on the same spot (restricting the already limited number of potential sites)

Despite this we've had a number of successes: 6 or 7 on Brownlow soon after our recent walkabout with officers; a… Continue

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Addressing the shortage of healthcare/GP facilities in the area

Four years ago, one of the aspirations that Achilleas, Yasemin and I had was to try and get more GPs to come into the area. This was based on analysis that the number of surgeries per capita was below average for London. Quite a bit below in fact.

We started negotiating with the PCT for the area (up in Cockfosters at that time). Things looked good - they accepted our statistical evidence. And then... and then the new Government got rid of the PCTs. Which can be critiqued on some other…


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MP's anti-cycling meeting

Thank you Richard for announcing this meeting. Tory MP David Burrowes. is creating false divisions in our community for reasons that are pretty obvious. The reality is that we can and do support both our local shops AND our local cyclists - it is wrong to pretend, as Mr. Burrowes does, that we must choose between one or the other.

Go back to the Mini-Holland award - a…


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Smog, Bowes Primary, Intel and looking ahead

Been worried about air quality for years. As a kid in the city where I grew up, the school authorities used to force us to cancel afternoon sports practices due to smog. So it's been awful witnessing the same thing again in Bowes.


A few years ago I had Enfield Council's Sustainability scrutiny look at the existing air quality sensors. They really weren't good enough. So went out a while back (ostensibly as part of a "smart cities" agenda) to doorstep Intel. And wangled about…


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Trying to get trees onto Brownlow

Here is what the officer wrote us

Dear Councillor

Thank you for your email dated 19 March 2014 regarding the above.


Following enquiries from both residents and Councillors in previous years, the area Arboricultural Officer surveyed Brownlow Road to identify suitability of the road for new and replacement tree planting, however he reported that there are no suitable sites to accommodate new trees within this road.


On receipt of this latest…


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Bowes, Palmers Green, Southgate Green local area forum

This Thursday 20 March, starting 7.30pm at Trinity at Bowes Church, Palmerston Rd

See you there!

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Latest information delivered to Warwick

Dear resident

Following your Bowes ward councillors’ repeated representations to the Deputy Mayor for Transport (Isabel Derdring) and other Transport for London representatives, we have just received TfL officer Nigel Hardy to negotiate solutions to the unacceptable traffic congestion faced by residents of Warwick Road.

TfL is unwilling to reintroduce the right turn from the North Circular Road into Brownlow Road, which is currently banned for all vehicles apart from…


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Enfield Council wins mini-Holland cycling bid = £30m GLA investment

Fantastic news for borough although Bowes ward won't get any direct benefit since the scheme is meant to link Enfield Town to Edmonton (the specs being to expand cycle use to deprived populations that have cycled less up until now).

But as a committed cyclist (about 5/6 days a week for last 9 years), I think it's great to generalise usage. If only for air quality reasons...

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Background to Highworth Neighbourhood Watch meeting - burglaries on the rise!

The meeting at the Bowls Club this Friday is the result of discussions we've been having with a local resident justifiably concerned about rise in burglaries in the area. Subsequently the MP was invited, the police too. Here is the problem

1) Police numbers may be up from their 2012 lows but they remain - certainly in Bowes/Southgate Green - well below the numbers we had been able to achieve beforehand. But don't mention the cuts.

2) The recent rise in police…


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Enfield Council Access to Finance event. Another strand of Enfield Experiment

Most economists are VERY concerned that the current "recovery" is anything but sustainable. It seems to be built on the basis of an asset bubble (property, shares) but business lending is lower and lower, limiting companies' working capital (jobs!) and investment in fixed assets

So our Administration is trying to do something about it. 

Monday 10 March, from 10am-2pm at Dugdale Centre: Access to Finance event


The programme is…


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Reviving market gardening in North London - the food strand of the Enfield Experiment

Huge event today at GLA City Hall run by our Administration (Del Goddard as Lead for Regen, also Doug Taylor) with speakers including Rosie Boycott, people from Capel Manor, reps from Growing Communities, school teachers, etc. etc.

It's too long to write about extensively this late at night. Can do if friends are interested. For the moment, a couple of websites give an idea of what we're doing.

Garden Enfield: …


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Updates on Warwick

1. We've been arguing as cllrs that Warwick should get pinch points that actually pinch. Looks like that is happening. Good.

-----Original Message-----

From: Trevor King <>

To: Cllr.Alan Sitkin 

Sent: Thu, 13 Feb 2014 16:54
Dear Councillor Sitkin
The Warwick Road build outs were discussed further with Cllr Bond yesterday and we are looking to extend the build outs. It is necessary to maintain a…

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Enfield working with INTEL to attack air quality problems

Article just came out in the Independent:

We're really excited because it's the Bowes Labour councillors who first went out and brought Intel back to the borough for these new sensors. No surprise, given how particularly bad air quality can be along the…


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Chance to participate in Bowes/Enfield Labour manifesto process tonight

In the runup to the 2014 Council elections, we're holding an open session at the Enfield Civic Centre tonight from 7pm to 10pm

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Update on work re: traffic in Warwick Road area

Here is an updated version of the letter that Achilleas, Yasemin and I have just distributed as Bowes Labour councillors in the West Bowes area

Dear resident,

Following the traffic consultation meeting for Warwick Road and the surrounding roads on 16 September at Bowes School, please note that:
1. Enfield Council officers have written their counterparts at Transport for London (TFL)…

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Connecting the communities of Bowes Park and Bounds Green in north London.

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