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As I'm sure many of you are aware, this red brick building from 1906 has been vacant some time.  The initial plans for demolition and a 40 cell holding centre were thrown out by Haringey and by popular demand - the new building proposal was a monstrosity. 


Since then, it has been quiet for a while and even our MP is unable to tell us what is going on.


However, the police are up to something: a large crane has assisted the removal of all the many temporary buildings within the station grounds. Further signs of preparationfor - what?. 

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Hi Hugh, 

The above is lifted straight from Haringey's website.  It's an interesting history.  I like the picture on our FB page because it shows the ornamentation just below the roofline, ironically now only evident in the 1913 extension. It's what qualifies the building to be described as 'Italianate'. I asked the council to put it back it as part of the redevelopment, but I think that is unlikely!  Our pic must be from the 19th century I think, it appears to be operating as a private house.  Thanks for letting me use the police station photo!



Thanks. I thought it might have originally been residential

Have you seen this news about the probable disposal of the police station?

PS: Can I add your photo to our collection?

Yes of course; I don't know whether it is copyrighted by anyone but I don't think so!  Thanks for the update on WG police station: that would be an enormous white elephant if the prediction comes to pass!



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