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Morning all


Anyone here live on Truro Road? anyone hear the dog howling and crying on a daily basis? well ive only been in the area 2 weeks and this has been going on everyday, im not complaining about the noise, i care more about the Animal, ive called the RSPCA but they see it as a noise problem, called the council but there isnt anything they can do, they say noise is them welfare is RSPCA but when they came round, the dog wasnt to be heard. ive tried to explain to them both the situation but alas, nothings been done and the nights are getting longer and colder, poor bloody dog, anyone else care to help?

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There is a MASSIVE but lovely dog on Herbert Road who howls at night. I think he's locked up in a shed during the day, then walked. It's the second house down on the right. Chinese family - I think. He is a beautiful dog and seems looked after from what I have seen. never know.

I live round the corner from Herbert Rd & have heard that dog, too. During the summer he was howling during the day as well, but I hadn't heard him so much recently. I've seen him out being walked too, and he has none of the signs of a mistreated or not looked after animal, his fur isn't matted or mangy, and he's not scrawny. I guess they just work during the day and he misses them when they're out



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