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It's National Vegetarian Week.

But where do veggies eat best round our way?

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"The Step" always seem to have some interesting looking vegetarian options and their food is very tasty.

Fatisa (on High Road, opposite the old Wood Green police station) has a good selection of vegetarian dishes and the Green Cafe on Myddleton Road does some pretty good vegetarian breakfasts. 

I'm a huge fan of Fatisa, Julian, yes thank you. I haven't tried the Green Cafe as yet, so will do. 

Am also a fan of The Step but have yet to eat there (puts it on to do list). 

In our household we are two vegetarians and two omnivores - so the challenge is to find somewhere catering for both.

Fatisa is a good suggestion - I too am a big fan. For takeaway (or home delivery) it would take a lot to beat the set Vegetarian menu for 4 from the Golden Phoenix Chinese takeaway on Whittington Road. (yum!)

Finally tried Golden Phoenix - you were right, it's top. I especially like their veg Singapore noodles. Thank you!

Top takeaway tip, thanks!

Thanks Tom - will check it out - I love indian. 

And Simone, thank you - I also love to cook!

To be honest getting veggie food isn't a major problem in this area, I'm vegan and it tends to be a bit trickier ie nearly all veggie dishes have cheese or milk added to them, or eggs. The Step have done vegan options which is brilliant , cakes and casseroles etc, which makes a lot of sense I wish  a lot of places offering veggie options thought one step ahead and removed animal products and veggies and vegans could both enjoy them.  

I haven't been there in a while, but it's called Jaaneman -- and they do an excellent selection  of barfis (fudge-like sweets made with condensed milk and lots of different nuts (pistachios, cashews) as well as fruits and spices. I remember a good selection of Lassis as well. Have just found their number: 020 88881226., and it's 168, Bowes Road. Will drop in soon and update here.

TomJH said:

There is a fantastic vegetarian indian takeaway on the bowes road - just east of the brownlow rd junction. They are mainly caters for weddings etc but have started doing takeaway and its fantastic. They stopped then restarted again recently doing the takeaway food - sorry I can't remember the name. Also there is a restaurant/club on the North West side of that junction and it does good sri lankan veggie food.

Excellent, thanks Zaza!

Oo, there's a new South East Indian pure vegetarian restaurant opened up at the end of Lascotts Road - it's called Suvai and think it's the new addition to Suvai in East Ham, which bodes well. Will try it in the next week.

hey Lindsey - wandered if you had managed to get down to Suvai - not sure if it's open as everytime I go past it's shut.  If you have been would you recommend??



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