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Sorry if this is a somewhat stupid question but we've recently moved into the area (N11) from Edinburgh where water charges are bundled in with council tax; one bill instead of two.

We have no meter in the flat but wanted to know if anyone is in the same boat and how much they see leave their account every month as this was one of those things I didn't know about before we moved so slightly worried it's a lot of money (may not be) but any experience with this would be appreciated.


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Hi Matt

Water rates are paid to Thames Water and are separate to council tax payments. I don't have a water meter and last year's bill (I can't find this year's...) was £289.86, paid in eight instalments of £36. 


Hi my bill is £322 I live on Marlborough Road, 2 bed flat alone. Seems high as my friend has a 4 bedroom Penthouse in Southgate and pays £178 for 8 months.

Is it easy to change water suppliers like one can do with electricity suppliers or should I install the water meter Thames Water suggested, to reduce bill to around £200 pa?

Water rates are two separate bills down here. As I recall when I phoned to query the huge jump in my bill when I moved from Edmonton to Wood Green 9 years ago, the bill is calculated from the banding of the property (which is based on price of the property as at some date in the 1990's). So an area that was cheaper to move to in the 90's but is more expensive now, will have a lower rate attached to it than a property in a reversed situation. No account is taken on the number of people who live in a property.  You could put in a water meter, but beware that if you don't like that option, you have a 3 year 'cooling off' period to have it removed. After that you're stuck with it.  The meter is great if you are a single person and economical in your habits, and are eco minded in your white goods usage and using the shower more etc, you will certainly save a large sum of money. If you have loads of people coming and going, and kids, it may not be such a good idea, so think carefully. For my mum and myself, it's been a mixed blessing, less water bills, but she can't water her garden as she used to. (I did warn her at the time, but she didn't listen.)

Having said that, I'm sure if anything I've said above is incorrect, someone will let us all know! :D



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