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Hello lovely locals - OLIO is *finally* launched in North London!
If you download the App you'll see just a village over neighbours are giving away fresh veg, tea, crisps, tasty sauces...and, local shops are offering fish, pickles and more!
We want to launch OLIO in Bowes Park & Bounds Green, but first we need enough people to register so we have scale to support a lovely local food sharing well, stop good food from going to waste, and connect with your community by registering at :-) 
PS iPhone only, Android VERY soon!

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"Like Freecycle but for food", as it was first mentioned to me...about time too. I've used this already and seems pretty good. Items are so far mainly in Crouch End but I have a bike and a hungry belly so no big deal - but if it came to B&B I'd be delighted!

Nice idea. Will join when you have the android App.

Hi, we will definitely come to B&B just as soon as we have enough people sign up! Which brings me to my next point...last weekend we had a data glitch and anyone who entered their email on our website to preregister - while the tech guys lost the data. I could kill them! Anyway, I can see from google analytics that a handful of people came from this forum, so if that was you please could you revisit and resubmit your email? THANKS! x

FYI this is now available everywhere in the M25, i.e. get sharing! (If you want...)

This is a great idea! I've registered.



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