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A scheme to bring trams back to Wood Green for the first time in more than 70 years could be on the cards if Ken Livingstone gets back into office.

An article in the Hornsey Journal has reported that whilst visiting Wood Green and Tottenham on Monday (June 20) Ken Livingstone proposed "a network of trams linking north London suburbs - similar to the Croydon Tramlink in south London" -

The newspaper continues:
Tram routes have run through Haringey in the past, with horse-drawn trams serving Tottenham as early as 1885.

In 1904 an electric tramway was set up linking Finsbury Park to Wood Green and Tottenham, but by 1938 all tram routes were replaced by bus routes and in 1961 overhead wires were finally removed.


Whilst I am very keen on the idea ... and think it would be good to have an alternate public transport route to West and East London suburbs without having to travel into central London and out again ...  the prospect of major infrastructural work locally so soon after the North Circular roadworks in not a happy thought!


Link to Hornsey Journal Article

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I agree that the proximity to the roadworks on the North Circular, would make more roadworks to install a tram system not a lot of fun! Still, trams are a good thing generally, cos they can coexist on the same piece of road as cars whereas buses tend to end up with cars stuck behind them. The Bounds Green Road is wide enough to accomodate trams, in fact there used to be a tram route up it way back when, one of the stops was outside the Ranelagh pub!

To be more than a pipe-dream, light-rail schemes need to draw in money from big developement sites on their routes.


There is such a proposal called the 'North and West London Light Railway' - you can search for it on the web. That plan promotes DLR-type trains, rather than trams - and so avoid digging up any roads.


That plan would only reach Finchley Central Northern Line station, but the line could easily be extended to the North Circular, and then follow that corridor east to New Southgate and Arnos Grove stations.


To reach further east would require tunnelling, until the North Circular Road widened again. The aim would then be to somehow interchange with Bowes Park branch out of Kings Cross, and then with each of the Liverpool Street lines.




I must admit I am not convinced by the use of trams particularly after the fiasco of the Edinburgh Trams.

Trolly Buses seems a much more cost effective and less disruptive way to go, allowing them to share the same road space as cars whilst ensuring they can drive around the endless roadworks we suffer.  Things have really moved on with trams now able to work "off-wire" and with small motors or batteries they are able bypass broken wires and cope with road diversions.  Modern Trollybuses


Trolley buses are excellent for avoiding diesel engine pollution, but surely there is no spare road space to give any advantage over ordinary buses.


The fiasco in Edinburgh was a fiasco about contracts and filthy lucre - it has rather little to do with trams.


And if you bid Edinburgh, I trump you with Blackpool - a fantastic newly rebuilt system, that the whole community is in favour of.


Trams would find equal problems to trolley buses getting through the crowded streets of Haringey, just like the West London tram found.


I think on off-road system like the DLR - because there happen to be existing possible routes - has more going for it. However, without tunnelling, it would never reach the really dense urban areas.


Further west, this possible orbital scheme has been supported in principle, unanimously at full council meetings, in Ealing, Brent and Harrow



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