Does anyone know what has happened to The Prince?

This is the lovely pub near the obelisk, on Trinity Rd, at the edge of Trinity Gardens.  It is a locally listed building.

In the last few years it was run by two Egyptian brothers from Cairo.  It has wonderful internal spaces, and it would be a crying shame to lose it as a pub.

A few weeks before Christmas I noticed it was closed.  The lights on the bar pumps were still on but all dead inside.  Since then it has had windows broken and outside furniture chucked around. Looks very bad now.

Does anyone know?

And is there anything we can do?  Community pub?  Encourage Weatherspoons to take it over?  ????

Caroline Simpson

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The Prince isn't going for middle class gastro, felt pretty community when I went this evening. Done a nice job on smartening up without destroying the integrity of the interior and it looks so much better now you can see through the windows and doors. Yes, there are tellies and football but it's not as overwhelming as the Springfield. New manager Michelle was very nice and welcoming. They're not quite finished, still some furniture and bits and bobs to come but do go and pay it a visit and show your support. £3 a pint for the IPA! 

Thank goodness it's not going to be another "middle-class 'gastro' pub".

Like Paul I think these type of soulless identikit pubs are over-represented locally. The reopening of a decent unpretentious local pub is very welcome ... even if "horror of horrors!" it caters for people who like beer and football.

Some of the residents who live in "tower blocks" are actually human you know!  

As one of the humans without a beard or a manbun who's lived in the tower blocks 200 yards away for the last 15 years, I was greatly encouraged to meet Michelle, the Manager, and the new owner on The Prince's re-opening night yesterday.

The refurb tastefully updates the interior without detracting from it's character. Locally, there is a huge niche to be filled between the sports bar atmosphere of The Nelson & Springfield Park Tavern, and the Soho priced pretentiousness of The Ranelagh.

The pub deserves the regular support that will enable it to provide varied live music and make the provision of high maintenance, short shelf-life real ale a viable proposition. Make it so, People! x

Phone shot of the exterior yesterday evening, so nice to see the lights on again. 

Oh dear!

It appears that The Prince has closed again.

I went down for a beer with a pal a couple of weeks ago... and it was closed.  And has been closed since so far as I can see.

Does anyone know what happened?  Or perhaps did not happen?

Hi Caroline

Sadly the troubled past of this pub continues to blight its potential future.

The former owner and manager had been leasing out the upper floors of the building but without conforming to fire safety regulations - despite warnings. The local press has reported on their convictions and jail sentences recently.

I hope that now that all the historic troubles appear to have been dealt with by the courts that the way is now open for a new owner to run it as a decent local pub.

Thanks, Richard.
Let us hope that the new landlord/owner does not give up. When I met him in March he seemed to be very experienced at running pubs, perhaps he had not realised about upstairs and its problems.
There must be a place for a good pub around there.

Wow.I wonder what Peter Berthoud said to get his post deleted so quickly ?

Ha, Well spotted Paul! It was deleted by myself, I realised just too late that Richard had already answered. Landlord and leaseholder both in prison.

Oh,okay Peter.I thought it was something juicily libellous ! More seriously,how much more bad publicity can this pub have ?

I suspect this has something to do with it - 

The former manager and the leaseholder have just been sentenced to six months in prison each for putting lives at risk by breaking fire safety laws. Disabled smoke alarms, inadequate fire detection and defective fire doors led one senior Brigade officer to describe the pub as a "death trap."

Damn! Recent attempts to provide a sports bar/club night atmosphere/live music venue for cover bands were IMO poorly pitched for the area, although the interior refurb is good. The hard financial reality of the modern pub trade is that you need a mixed economy of drinkers and especially diners to remain viable.

Mitchells & Butlers seem to understand this with their recent expansions in the area (The Ranelagh, Starting Gate & Maid of Muswell) but, unfortunately, the result is insipid uninspiring middle-class gastros. I'd sooner see an outfit like M&Bs make some kind of go of it tho than continue to see what should be my (very) local remain derelict. I plan to report the premises as 'a pub at risk' to CAMRA, and hope for a more imaginative approach to its future. I really regret not having the time or financial resources to get more pro-actively involved.


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