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I was walking through Finsbury gardens and I saw that the litter picks have been stolen. I know there is a sign up asking for their return but I can help but think this is unlikely. It's such a ridiculous petty thing to do and who on earth would want to steal litter picks!

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It is indeed a shame that people have stolen the litter-pickers.  I can only hope that the people who stole them use them.

I am going to leave the box there for a few days just in the somewhat vain hope that one may be brought back.  But I will then take the box down.

It is especially a shame when the kids so much enjoy picking up litter.

Never mind.

That was an experiment that failed.  An experiment paid for by the Bowes Park Community Association.

If you would like to clear up local litter, and sign the BPCA's 'Litter-Picker Pledge', then do get in touch and we could lend you one.




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