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Auction date 19th July

A topic raised by Broomfield Homeowners with its members contact

A check needs to be made at the land registry for the details of individual properties



In this popular residential area nearby to New Southgate Railway Station, Muswell Hill Golf Club and within close proximity to Alexandra Palace.
New Southgate lies approximately 8 miles north of Central London.


Comprising a number of Rear Roadways which provide vehicular access to the abutting houses (approx 120 houses).

VAT is NOT applicable to this Lot


(Subject to any rights of way and easements that may exist thereover from the adjoining owners some of whom may have the obligation in their Title Deeds to “pay a proportion of the costs and expenses in keeping the same in good repair and condition such proportion in case of dispute to be settled by the Transferors' Surveyor for the time being whose decision shall be final and binding”).

Note 1: The roadways shaded blue exclude mining and mineral rights.

Note 2: Some roadways have been adopted by the Local Authority.

Note 3: Subject to obtaining the necessary consents, there may be potential to advertise on the fence at the end of the service road to the rear of Lower Maidstone Road as this faces the North Circular Road (A406).

Note 4: There may be potential to erect a mobile phone mast on one of the service roads, subject to obtaining the necessary consents. 

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Note that LBEnfield Calendar shows the next Southgate Green Area Forum as at Beaumont Centre Cannon Hill on Thursday 20th July at 7pm


Curious as to who the freeholder is (Enfield LBC?) and what the interest would be to a developer.  The only reasoning I can come up with is fairly negative, i.e. once acquired the developer would enter into negotiations with owners regarding payment to allow access to the rear of their properties, previously taken for granted.  They might also wait for adjacent properties to come onto the market in order to create larger plots for development.  Perhaps I've become a bit cynical about how developers view our area.  I guess there's always a possibility that there won't be any interest.  If I owned a house that backed onto one of these rear 'roadways' I'd probably check my deeds.

Adoption of a roadway makes it a public highway maintable at public expense but does not mean that the local authority owns the underlying land


So who owns this land that the council now see fit to sell to the highest bidder then?

Are you saying the council have adopted the land and can now sell it - incidentally they don't maintain it other than putting up a few gates.

The Stoneham road alley thats between Shrewsbury road and Maidstone road was in the Enfield independent or advertiser a few years ago) due to fly tipping and the council claimed it had nothing to do with them so fitted gates (to most of the other alley ways as well) to deal with the problem. now they think they can sell them?

I always thought properties have a right to access (if you have a garage) and those alley ways have been there best part of 112 years since the houses were built.


Hutch, I think the message is don't assume LBE own the land. It could be TfL, for example.  Anyone who owns an affected property should probably check the Land Registry.  This should/would have been done at the point of purchase of a property.  In terms of 'grandfather rights' it is possible to demonstrate that access rights to rear access land are established but there is a process that needs to be gone through to do this and if it is a general common access that may be tricky.


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