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I'm not an expert in planning permission so I wonder if anyone can shed some light on this.

Silverline Windows at the top of Clarence Road recently sold their premises to a developer (the first I saw of it was the sold sign was on & the work to started) A few days ago I bumped into the guy who sold the property & he said it was being turned into 3 flats (or something like that) and I asked if they had included parking in the development & he said no.

I am absolutely livid about this. What are Haringey planning officials thinking? There is never anywhere to park my car & on several occasions recently I've spent  15 minutes driving around trying to find parking very late at night. I presumed when doing building parking should be taken into account.


Oak House on Trinity Road had 2 flats added to the top last year - I am convinced (but do not know) that parking wasn't included.


I know it's too late for this bit of Clarence but if anybody had advice on what we can do about the lack of parking situation for future development I'm all ears.


Jude - who is less livid now.



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Hi Jude

Sounds tricky...

No answer I'm afraid but I think it is the case that parking is a consideration but my local experience is that it is not a requirement of applications to necessarily provide parking...I think officers would say they look at each application on its merits- which to you or I might look very different!

Planning sub group of We love Myd Rd doing some great work helping locals respond to local planning apps- may be of use for future...

Also our local Cllr Ali was chair of planning committee...might be worth engaging cllrs in the prob now (I'm sure you're not only one having trouble) to help when applications arise...

My commiserations for your parking woes...

As Lucia says there is no requirement to provide parking when new accommodation is built/converted; indeed it's usually the developer who worries about that on the grounds that many potential customers would be less likely to buy a flat/property it comes without a parking space. Clearly if you have problems parking so will customers.

Now think about this from a council's point of view, and from the overall needs of city life.

Congestion is reaching a point when London as a whole, or local bits of it, could grind to a halt, whilst parking availability in itself takes up a lot of space which could be used for a much needed local service.  Frankly the days of an ever increasing number of ever larger cars on the road also needing parking space have gone.  Which is one of the reasons why the national government provided £100m for London's Mayor to spend on making cycling a better bet, hence the £27m which Enfield Council has recently received under the Mini-Holland bidding scheme

I'm afraid Jude you're going to have to start thinking about traffic needs in terms of the overall good rather than the individual preferences of every individual. 

Thanks for your responses. Jude



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