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RE Piccolino cafe restaurant. Could anyone advise me, please?

The above business has been causing me a lot of problems since last Nov.

They start the noise in the morning at about 6 am and lasts till about 10.45 pm. Especially noisy between 6 am and 8 am, and 9 pm and 10.45 pm. The noise echoes inside my house. The extraction venting at the back has noise which also affects 3/4 of my house and garden. The venting is supposed to be sorting out fumes but the smell also hangs in my garden and comes into my house, with sometimes smokes. The council doesn't do anything despite my effort as the noise is not statutory and the venting smell not bad according to them, but they are continuous and consistent and sometimes the noise is pretty loud especially in the early morning and late evening. And this is ongoing every day. I have spoken to the landlord and the owner of the business but they tend to ignore my complaints. The business workers and the owners don't live the site, so they just come and go and do whatever they want in the meantime, parking on double yellow lines in front and fire in the back garden burning rubbish from their business as well. The workers talk very loud in the back garden with their child who has also loud. The area used to be quiet and air was cleaner to me but not anymore for the last 9 months. 

I understand that the business is good for them and the community in Bounds Green but It has been too much for me and I would be most grateful if I could get any advice from this community about how to deal with the issues mentioned above.

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Hi, if so, it is highly possible that I need to be patient with reforming noises again during this autumn and winter....again.... I vividly remember the worker and builders used to do their job out of hours including Sunday even after 10 pm. And that work started last Nov and lasted for months till Piccolino opened last summer. There are many things I didn't mention here. Too many to mention. They need to change the extraction venting at the back I really hope. Not only inside.., I really hope so. Worst things all happened at the back side of the business. Many workers used to hang in the garden talking loud almost continuously one or more after another almost all day and all evening till nearly 11 pm from Mon to Sun, every day.... I just feel hopeless now to know that another cafe is coming up.

I am writing to ask if anyone in this community could help me to object a new planning of the landlord of 1 Maidstone Road, which very recently he applied to the Haringey council, please. I feel I can't do this on my own. The link to his planning application is as follows;

I don't know what will happen to the front restaurant side at the moment but the landlord told me that they will start to run cafe restaurant in the near future again as they already have permission to do so. The council replied to me saying that they were not really changing any regulations and the extraction venting system MUST remain as it is as well as the thin walls they made between semi-detached houses. I learnt that at the end the council won't support my side at all after they granted the previous permission. 

Now, the landlord is going to build a yoga place in the middle of their back garden... From the past experience, it is highly possible that the place can be changed in its use in the future for other uses as he likes. He once granted by the council to build 2 bedroom flat there. If the front cafe restaurant reopens and yoga place at the back garden, as it was already noisy with their workers hanging in their garden from before 7 am till nearly 11pm when Piccolino was running, I am not sure how many people will be hanging around next to my garden all day and in the evening with those 2 businesses start. It is not a public communal area there.

The shed in their garden, according to the builder, has asbestos and I am very worried about how he deal with it as well.

I would be most grateful if anyone could support me to object his new planning, please.

Thanking you in anticipation.


Hi Junko,

I have been following this post for a while and I must say it is very difficult to understand where the fault lies.

The link to the planning application you have forwarded does not seem beyond reason – the building is already there – it will only be improved and slightly enlarged. I understand you must be sharing the boarder to the back of the new outbuilding therefore you are from the southern side and any changes to its size should not impact your access to sunlight? And if there is asbestos in the outbuilding – it should be better for you that the current outbuilding is demolished and replaced with a more modern structure?

I understand it must be difficult having a residential property neighbouring a property which has business premises but from the planning history of the property I understand these were there from at least the fifties, likely from when the building was originally built so you must have known that business activities would be taking place from when you moved in?

It must be very frustrating to have noise in your garden, did you try talking to staff to explain how much their talking bothers you? They probably don’t realise how much noise they are making while they are in the middle of their work day.

From my perspective as a local resident, I enjoyed the improvement the restaurant made to the area around the station. I enjoyed the brief period of time when there was a lovely café and a restaurant to take my family to. It was a nice change from kebab and chicken shops that dominate the area and are not family-friendly at all. Coffee was great value and was lovely. It was also an improvement over laundrette and a huge improvement over an empty shop with blocked windows it is now.

Personally, I would welcome a yoga studio in the area too.

I am very sorry to hear it causes you so much trouble as for us it was all good change…

Hi, Monika,

Thank you for your comment. I understand your side fully. I really wish I don't live here so that I didn't need to be complaining about the noises and smell they would produce. I was very happy with half laundrette and half cafe before Piccolino started its renovation and open their business. I really would like to know why the echoing noise started in my house. It started since they removed the wall and made a new one, so I feel the sound proof is not working properly. I could hear people chatting, even the words sometimes in addition to squeaky noise. If it is occasional I can bear but it was constant from early morning till late at night. I have many times spoken to the owner and landlord but no improvement was made at all. At the back, the extraction venting system was also causing continuous noise and smell, sometimes even smoke. I have roses in my garden. A lot of roses. Also, growing vegetables. With the extraction venting, I can't smell roses anymore. The noise from the venting was lasting until nearly 11 pm. My last summer in my garden was really sad and noisy every single day.

In addition to that, the workers hanged around one after another in the back garden talking really loud and it was really consistent and continuous. It lasted from Dec 2016 till the restaurant closed. Everyday including Sunday. Despite approaching them asking for re-assessment of the situation, no improvement was made.

The building in their garden is a shed for putting unused items for years. I don't mind, like our shed, if they rebuild a new shed there, but didn't expect a new business is starting there. 

The cafe restaurant will open again according to the landlord. I asked if he could sort out the noise next time but had no reply. Instead, he applied for a new planning permission. I really don't want strangers coming and going next to my back garden all day or in the evening. I don't know now what is their opening hours for yoga class, though. In addition to the restaurant workers, I may be expecting yoga class students are also hanging around their back garden? How can it be sure that it will be quiet...knowing what happened in the recent past with Piccolino? I wish at least they make windows and doors are faced towards business side in the new planning.

I really don't know, Monika. But I feel and guess that the landlord will get the permission this time again. My point is a bit different. Knowing this landlord for years, I have a feeling that the yoga place maybe not what they really want in the future. Once they get the permission, they can do anything in the same business category. Then the council can't change it afterwards. That worries me. 

If I were you, I would be saying the same. I have never expected my living situation would be distracted by the noise and smell that much for so long. However, it was and is a reality to me and not someone else's issues. It was really bad change to me. I feel I need to say something if I am certain that I am in an unfair situation. I am a local resident too and hope someone will understand my situation some day. All I want is a quiet environment and clean air as it is now and as before Nov 2016. 

I understand your opinion. I wish all can be happy in the future. It probably depends on the landlord and how he runs the businesses, and how the people in the community care each other. 

They started to make drilling and sawing noise recently and they always do it in the evening for some reason. They are doing a make-over, seems to me but wonder why I was not informed in advance about it and make such a loud noise to my house. The noise is as if breaking the wall of my house, though....

They seem to have closed. I predicted this due to bad manners and ridiculous prices. I mean £18.95 for a steak with £2 for a side of sauce is crazy for Bounds Green.  I do hope this problem is sorted for you or the new owners/leaseholder thinks  about the local community and provides a nice cost effective Italian restaurant for residents and visitors to enjoy. 

Hi, Haydn Thank you for your comment. I am also hoping the next business will see what was the problems in the past including wall soundproof, the extraction venting and regulation of their staff behavior. The venting of theirs is less than half short compared to ones nearby, such as 2 of the chicken shops and Chinese shop. Probably one third in hight facing our back garden. I really don't mind a lively nice cafe/restaurant next to me as long as at least it is reasonably quiet and no smell. From bottom of my heart, I am wishing there is not much noise and smoke from before 6 am and consistently continues until nearly 11 pm every single day in the future...



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