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RE Piccolino cafe restaurant. Could anyone advise me, please?

The above business has been causing me a lot of problems since last Nov.

They start the noise in the morning at about 6 am and lasts till about 10.45 pm. Especially noisy between 6 am and 8 am, and 9 pm and 10.45 pm. The noise echoes inside my house. The extraction venting at the back has noise which also affects 3/4 of my house and garden. The venting is supposed to be sorting out fumes but the smell also hangs in my garden and comes into my house, with sometimes smokes. The council doesn't do anything despite my effort as the noise is not statutory and the venting smell not bad according to them, but they are continuous and consistent and sometimes the noise is pretty loud especially in the early morning and late evening. And this is ongoing every day. I have spoken to the landlord and the owner of the business but they tend to ignore my complaints. The business workers and the owners don't live the site, so they just come and go and do whatever they want in the meantime, parking on double yellow lines in front and fire in the back garden burning rubbish from their business as well. The workers talk very loud in the back garden with their child who has also loud. The area used to be quiet and air was cleaner to me but not anymore for the last 9 months. 

I understand that the business is good for them and the community in Bounds Green but It has been too much for me and I would be most grateful if I could get any advice from this community about how to deal with the issues mentioned above.

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First thing you need to start doing already if you haven't done is log everything.  Don't hesitate to take pictures, record things.  I also used Haringey noise control a while ago to report a alarm going off continuously and the response was very quick (turns out it was a discarded fire alarm on the railway tracks, nothing could be done!).  Do you know if any of your neighbours are experiencing the same problems?

Thank you, LJD. I have been doing and reporting for months, well nearly 9 months on my own but the council won't do much.

Today, first time, they closed at 5 pm which it should be. It all depends on how they feel so if they feel like opening before 7 or closing after 10 pm, it is up to them, that is what the owner told me. So far they have been opening at 6 am. I asked the worker and she said her boss told her to open at 6 am so I start to get the metal knocking noise, probably coffee making, with other preparation noise and music and people talking noise in the very early morning and till at least 10 pm and afterwards still the workers hang around in front of the business and the cleaning continues inside till nearly 11 pm.

During that time the floor drugging table and chair noises which is quite a loud squeaky noise echo to my room in addition to very loud taking voices continuously with music. I asked if they could put carpet or sorting out the internal walls where they made the wall thinner for putting some objects on the right side. also checking the structure of the internal design. But nothing has been done. The echoing those noises are heard in my front room, bathroom and kitchen.

I looked at many places in Bows Park, Muswell Hill, Bounds Green, Wood Green, Alexandra Palace and Turnpark Lane how the similar businesses are situated next to semidetached properties. I couldn't find the same a restaurant who runs a business during the same opening time as Piccolino. Some local resident whose house is semidetached to the business is most of them are closed during weekdays and open fewer hours. for example, one is post office without newsagent, another is Cyprus community house and another is a hairdresser and so on. Most businesses are not semidetached and most of the cases, there is a gap between the business and ordinally property. I pointed out this to the council but they replied to me my case is not uncommon. Even submitting the evidence, they don't do anything.

Recently, the owner said to me that they were selling the business to Jamaican so I would get more problems. How could you say like that....I couldn't believe what he said to me but I feel I can't believe whatever he says now as so many problems he caused has been always with dishonesty and not at all reasonable. I really would like to ask the council what equality and fairness mean to them. 

Neighbours are all business related and not helpful, unfortunately.

Poor you.  This is anti social behaviour and I'm shocked the council aren't doing anything.  Keep logging the behaviour (video evidence is best).  The Haringey noise team called me within 30 minutes of my complaint submitted online, it's definitely worth a shot.  They start operating at 8am, the guy I spoke to was very nice.  If they decide to make a racket at 6am record it, then log a complaint online. Also try

Best of luck! x

Thank you for your advice, LJD. I really feel it all depends on the council officer. When the business was running as a laundrette in the past, when the landlord removed the ceiling inside, which he denied for months, my house started to get constant continuous echoing noises all day long. I reported probably more than 5 times and the council officers came but they didn't do anything and one officer told me I needed to check my ears. but one officer one day came and he said " you are living in a fish tank and this continuous noise needs to be investigated." a few days later, the noise completely gone disappeared as the landlord fixed the ceiling rather immediately. 

During the present case with the council, I asked to change the investigating officer who I felt not really investigating properly, who is a part-time assistant officer. But they ignored my request and last week the assistant officer sent me a letter telling the case is closed. 

I thought the council is for the local residents who want to lead a quiet life but I was wrong. I really would like to know why since most of the questions I asked the council has not been answered properly, although they granted the business to run in the community.

Thank you very much for the link above,LJD

I should be doing more to change the situation.

Junko I also suggest joining haringey online and posting the same question. Its a much bigger network of residents and people are helpful and active on it x


Thank you very much indeed. I didn't know about it. Maybe I should choose discussion group about community news, issues and chat and information. 


Thank you, Ms. Jones. I had to use a solicitor this summer for asking them to put up a new fencing. They removed the fencing between us without informing me and entered my garden without permission one day while I was at work, and they left the areas without fencing for more than 4 months. In the meantime, I had no privacy and being overlooked while unknown workers and builders were all day every day often out of hours till after 10 pm and starting before 8 am talking loud and doing something almost all day long. It was a nightmare. Once the landlord told me that he has no money so I had to pay half for the new fencing whilst he told me that the fences belong to him. But he never showed me the evidence about it. I had been always maintaining the previous fencing after my partner built it. About 1.5 months later after the solicitor wrote to them, they put up the fencing but not the brick walls which they promised in writing in the past. 

Yes, they told me, too....


Have you spoken to our local councillors?

You could email or go to one of their surgeries face to face.

You need to present a very clear and simple log of the problems, with dates and times and photos. And of the times you have contacted the council/ who you reported it to and what they said. That will help.

I assume you did not have any noise trouble when it was part of the launderette?

Good luck!

Hi, Lucia

Thank you very much for your advice. No, I didn't have any noise problems when the laundrette was running for recent years. however, some years ago, when the landlord of the laundrette removed the internal ceiling, the same echoing noise happened continuously all day long for months. Only one council officer acted and sorted the issue whilst 5 officers ignored my complaint... It took ages to sort it out. The landlord later confessed that he removed the ceiling and fixed it with the council's action. Till then, he was saying nothing was wrong on his side, though.

This time, it was worse. Took nearly 10 months to get it sorted. One of the councilors, I wrote to her and nothing changed, and then met her. She sounded not promising to sort out the issues. It was very sad. I felt She was part of the council which had not been doing anything to change the situation.  I, therefore, went further up.

Piccolino stopped the business now. It has been so quiet now as before. However, the landlord told me that I had to suffer again as they were getting another lessee to run the business for the next more than ten years. I wrote to him if he could be more reasonable to avoid further nuisance in the future. He said he would change all the tables. but I know just changing tables won't change the speech noises echoing to my house because they made the wall too thin between us when reforming. Also, the noise and smell from the extraction venting system are due to the system itself as well as its hight and direction. I looked at all central Haringey areas where the businesses have the extraction system and semi-detached to local residential houses. Took pictures of it. I also sent email to the council regarding licensing of his business in the future. 

The future is still uncertain, unfortunately. The landlord of this property 1 Maidstone Rd is just unbelievable. I really wish he could be more decent...

The small cafe with laundrette half /half was really cool, I remember now. But since they changed it all to a restaurant, all went wrong in addition of the extraction venting. They could have been more cleverly run the business investing money and planning it properly as part of the community. They employed an architecture who had a beautiful idea of its appearance inside but he didn't really care about the structure of the semi-detached houses and the layout of the back sides at all. An obvious fact from the beginning but they didn't want to admit.That's what I feel and I am just exhausted now.

Junko, I noticed the 'under new management' signs in the windows.  Do you think this means the business was not successful and changes might be made?  I saw people outside drinking coffee but I did not see many people eating there.  If it reopens as a restaurant I hope the new management are more considerate.

Thank you for your comment.

I think the landlord of the property will decide who is next to be the lessee to run the business. I know the landlord basically doesn't care much about who is next as well as next door. All he needs is rent/money seems to me, well always like that for years. The walls and internal structures, the layout of it, back windows and the extraction venting system have been unchanged so far. It means whoever comes next, the same noise and smell problems will be back. The back garden has an old shed which the builders said that it contains asbestos. I have spoken to the landlord as he was responsible for it. He always says there is no asbestos. He, however, put a new ceiling inside of the shed last summer. I could see that as there was no fencing as he removed the fences between us without telling me, cutting my plants and entering my garden while I was at work, and kept it undone without fences for months until my solicitor sent a letter to him.  They also put desks and chairs and bed in the shed. I was wondering he might be letting someone stay there. He used to plan to build 2 bedroom flat using whole his back garden and got permission from the council, which was extremely upsetting. However, he didn't build it afterward. then this lessee business was granted by the council. He also removed big trees at the back with permission given by the council in the meantime. The council told him to plant new trees but he has never done so the privacy issue is still ongoing. I feel the council is really giving permissions to those business people like him without caring about local residents nearby. 

"New management" sounds so fake to me, I am afraid to say..., and I from bottom of my heart know from years of experience of how he does his business, he won't be considerate. 

On the other side, 5 Maidstone Road, Maidstone House, has another new business now called Next Step Support. People in the house started to cause banging noise caused by a ball kicked onto the fences while doing football in the back garden recently with loud voices and music from a mobile phone in the evening. Despite the fact that the police told me that it was asbo and needed to report the incident to the council one day, the council told me they can't do much to prevent further problems. One of the guys actually came into my garden at 11 pm and stood still in front of my back window for at least 20 mins till police arrived some time ago... I felt very vulnerable. I was chased by another of the people who live there in front of my house/entrance being repeatedly approached as well. 

I really don't know what will happen to my life next. Very sad.




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