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Hi everyone,

I'm sorry if this is not quite appropriate for the forum, but I want to get the word out.

Yesterday afternoon at around 3pm my husband and I found a pug dog shivering, petrified and cold - he was on his own, no collar or tag.

We found him on the pavement on Maryland Road, maybe a 100 yards from the junction with the High Road. We've rang the doorbells of the houses around there but nobody recognised him.

I put posters up and today we will take him to the vet to see whether he's chipped.

But if you've heard of somebody missing a dog, do get in touch with me!

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This has been shared via Twitter too - no response yet, let us know if the little feller is re-united with his owner.

Thank you for tweeting about this. The update is that Roger (this is what we chose to call him for his time in our home) is still here, happy and affectionate. All the vets around here seem to be shut on a Sunday so we couldn't find out whether he's chipped. I have a meeting at work tomorrow that I can't miss but on Tue morning I will take him to Mr Staton on the High Road to see whether he's chipped. Hopefully we'll be able to trace his owner. Photo to follow soon!

This is Roger. I very much hope that tomorrow we'll find his home.

He's lovely! How do we find out if his owners have been found? I would take him in.

He is lovely indeed! I am expecting a call from the council today to let me know whether they were able to contact the owners. If they have not, the council will put him up for adoption - so you could try getting in touch with them. I'll keep everyone posted!

I noticed on the council site, they take dogs to Battersea dogs & cats home. You need a PhD in dogology to adopt a dog from there!

Just a quick Roger update - Haringey Council's dog officer is coming to collect him tonight. They will check if he's microchipped and try to reunite him with his owners. If that doesn't work, they will put him up for adoption. I am so pleased that I won't be home when he gets picked up because I feel really sad about it. Unfortunately we have two cats (well, fortunately!) so really cannot give Roger a home.

Thank you all for your help with this and here's to Roger the pug finding a good home! 

THANK YOU for helping this adorable pooch.Sadly too many people just choose to walk on by...

Hi everyone, final update on Roger.

The Council's dog warden has confirmed that Roger has been reunited with his owners.

I wish I could find out how he got to be lost on Maryland Road but of course they wouldn't give me any information about that.

That's good news!

I'm v happy to hear that Roger got home. 

Thank you !

Yaay!! I was worried for Roger. Good work!


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