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Anyone know what the rather prominent police presence in Myddleton Road is about? Friday and Saturday nights have both had a noticeable number of policemen about, and a big van parked up for a number of hours.

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They are usually at Visraki getting a kebab!

None of our business really, but an extended visible Police presence is always welcome.

Hopefully monitoring for fly-tippers and fly-posters

It should be your business what goes and gives in your hood.

Incredible that Myddleton Rd was voted best road in London  - claimed - 

Perhaps the Police are there doing forensics on the legitimacy of the - claimed - 

Perhaps some of Putin's hacker are lodged there ;-) 

I jest - but there is a hint of sarcasm and good to know if there is mischief in the hood  :-)

 I feel compelled to respond to this, partly because of the replies!

They were looking for someone (could have been a vulnerable person, missing person, or someone who was wanted in connection with a crime). I am confident - and grateful - that they weren't directing their attention to any "fly" anything.

Yes, they are often on the street, which as Barry mentioned, is always welcome. As Chris said, they have breakfast, lunch, and dinner here. The Safer Neighbourhoods Team also patrol regularly, by foot and car.

As for award the street recently received, it was from the Great British High Street: "The Great British High Street supports those working to revive, adapt and diversify high streets."

Thank you for the response.

I am all for policing - It is a GOOD thing.

And you are right with crime, vulnerable people and safety - a good thing,

& thanks for bringing to attention the "revival aspect and regeneration of diversity" into the streets of GB.

Myddleton Rd certainly follows the that trend !


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