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Is it me ? ( probably ) or do you object to more gardens being converted to car parks.
Despite the obvious problems with drainage, and the fact that another car parking space disappears , aesthetically , in my view, they look awful . What has happened to the heritage of the area ?
I had a discussion the other day with the Highways Dept of Enfield , asking If one could appeal against the decision , no, I was told, they were most unhelpful

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I agree Geoff - I think it is really sad (and notable how much better the Bounds Green roads such as the north part of Maidstone Road look without it). I think parking policy in this area needs a complete overhaul to drag it out of the 1970s... I completely understand why people choose to convert their gardens (because of the pressure on on-street parking for residents in an area with such great transport links) but it isn't sustainable or healthy for the area. I know it isn't a popular view but think we need to bite the bullet and introduce permit parking (10-12am for example) so people can park and then reintroduce greenery to our gardens with some sort of incentive to residents who have already converted their gardens.

18 yrs ago , my wife and I canvassed most of our road to get signatures for parking permits to be introduced......sadly, not enough people wanted to know

Are there regulations on the length of car permitted to park on these house-front spaces?  In some cases the car sticks out onto the pavement so far to become a hazard. 

yes, its 3.8 mtrs from boundary to front of property

I assume that's the length of the space, but what if the car is longer than that, as it often is.  Are there regulations covering cars invading the pavement space?

A car owner can get fined for obstruction if the car projects onto the pavement........ apparently


One response via Twitter:

Hi Nicole....the 10-12 parking policy has been introduced to great effect in the streets surrounding Bowes Park station. And I'm sure "Quick-on-the-draw McKeever" will have a link up in minutes, but Lindsay produced a wonderful photo montage last summer/spring about Bowes Park gardens in full bloom that showed just how splendid our streets can look. That said, just peeked out at our front garden and it's looking very sorry for itself at the moment....roll on the Spring!

It's true that the CPZ schemes have had a great effect - but not always welcomed by locals as these previous discussions illustrate

We do however live in an area well served by transport links which means both that locals can use public transport easily ... but also that others come and park here before taking the train / tube to Zone 1 etc...

As Lindseys photos (below) show our streets can be very attractive when front gardens are in bloom - and not turned into car parks (nine minutes Mat!)

Find more photos like this on Bowes and Bounds Connected


Yes - the Haringey streets have benefitted - Enfield decided not to proceed with similar parking restrictions after a resident survey was so strongly against. Shame.

We would definately welcome parking permits - our road Tewkesbury Terrace is completely blocked out by commuters parking and walking to the station. An absolute nightmare as we end up only getting a space nearer the a406 than near our house and with a baby and shopping etc it is a long road to walk along!

I completely agree. I was shocked when I arrived here to see how many gardens were just concreted over. I guess it's to do with car insurance costs. But I love walking down streets with gardens full of plants and flowers.It makes walking around much less pleasurable when there are no gardens to enjoy.



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