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North Circular Road traffic causing dangerous air pollution for Bowes Primary School

The lead story in today's London Evening Standard features Bowes Primary School and the dangerous and unhealthy air pollution caused by traffic on the North Circular Road.

Read the full Evening Standard story

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People like me, Michelle.  Living locally as I did, Bowes was the obvious choice as it is a fantastic school and my son thrived there. The only downside of the school is the road, and I just wish people would drive less. Many London schools are near major roads and we must do all we can to ensure that Sadiq Khan is able to push through robust measures to reduce pollution.

Go further, why bother continuing with evolution at all? If we acknowledge the position stated in New Scientist that ‘nearly half a million people in Europe die from air pollution every year – and most of those deaths are being caused by breathing air that is supposedly “safe”’, then it’s clearly a much bigger issue for us all than only Bowes School pupils (and staff).

So Bowes, dreadful as it is, should be seen as no more than the canary in the mine. We need less fossil transport, more active travel (feet and cycles) and where fossil transport is necessary it should be as clean (non-diesel, electric) and intensive (public transport, shared cars) as possible. We can all contemplate that every time a transport decision is required. And wood burning stoves aren’t too clever either.

(Latest London death figures are NO2 – 5900 and particulates 3500, a total of 9400pa. We all have shortened lives as a result. Over 6% of deaths in Enfield are due to same. Compare 9400 London air pollution deaths with London road accident deaths at 136 and ask where HMG's focus should be.

Bowes is a great school in a great part of our area and we're lucky my two young sons both have the opportunity to be educated somewhere with such a good reputation and academic record.  It also happens to have an air quality monitoring station on its premises which is one reason the exact air quality measurements at this location are known (limits are exceeded occasionally, especially at times when all of London is affected due to weather conditions).  Anyone living in proximity to the North Circular, Bounds Green Rd or Green Lanes will be experiencing high levels of pollution (as has the whole of London recently).  All the schools in the area will be affected and we should be lobbying the Mayor at times like this to ensure a focus on policy decisions that improve matters.

There is an earlier thread on this site that contains useful information for anyone concerned about air quality in our area, hopefully this link will take you there It's great to have an informed opinion about air quality

Thanks a lot, Matthew. Brilliant thread and can't understand how I managed to miss it.



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