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Hi everyone,

I'm new to this community and just wanted to say what a great site.

I'm a Crouch Ender at present but am thinking about moving to the Bounds Green/Bowes Park area ... The usual reasons I guess: more space for less money etc.

I saw a house on Nightingale Road that I really liked but had a few concerns about some of the characters hanging around by the low-rise council block (with garages underneath) by the Thomas Hardy block. What are peoples' experiences of Nightingale Rd? Is it safe, quiet etc?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



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You'd be in good company on Nightingale Road - astronomer and science fiction author Arthur C Clarke was a former resident of No 88 - just one of our local heroes

I've never lived on Nightingale - but I'm sure it's a lot like Bounds Green & Bowes Park more generally - "Mostly Harmless"

If crime or anti-social behaviour is a particular concern or issue - you can check, almost street by street, on the Metropolitan Police site (Link to Crime stats from here). Looks like central Crouch End (Sub Ward E01001990) actually has a higher crime rate at 10.92 than the Nightingale Rd area (Sub Ward E01001971) at 6.46 - incidentally slightly lower than the Haringey borough average.

But it's worth bearing mind the any crime stats can vary as a result of just a couple of "out of the ordinary"  incidents and often the fear of crime is more debilitating than actual crime as this excellent forum post points out.

I'm sure you'd find Nightingale Road a happy place to live ... the locals are friendly!

Thanks for both your replies, guys. Much appreciated!

I can't speak for nightingale rd but I've lived locally for 5 yrs and it's your typical London mix and I'd agree there is crime but there's also a great local community and a nice vibe and some new and interesting amenities that are being added to all the time. Lots of young families here for the reasons you've stated I guess. Good luck whatever you do.

Hi Rich

I also don't know Nightingale Road. I moved to Parkhurst Road last August which is quite nearby. I didn't really know Bowes Park existed as an area shortly before I moved here. Walking around the area initially I was unsure whether it was going to be a good move. For me personally its been a great decision and I am really pleased I moved here. Its generally a very friendly neighbourhood with a good sense of community. There are lots of local people, including groups such as the Bowes Park Community Association and We Love Myddleton Road working to improve the area with notable successes. There are lots of community events. A number of new businesses have opened on Myddleton Road this summer. First place I've lived in London where I get greeted by a number of local shopkeepers when I walk down the road - almost a bit village like.

Best wishes with your decision


Hi Rich,

I've lived on the corner of Finsbury and Nightingale Roads for 17 years, and can honestly say I've never had any real problems in the area. The worst thing that's happened to me is having a chimney pot with a plant stolen from my front garden a couple of weeks ago, though how the thieves managed to take it (it was cemented down and very heavy) is a mystery! 

Wood Green police station is on the corner of Nightingale Road and the High Road, so there are quite a few squad cars going along the road at various times. At at the other end of the road there is an ambulance station on Bounds Green Road, so we're well served by the emergency services! We have excellent transport links and good local shops.

I've never encountered any problems with the residents of the low- or high-rise council blocks nearby and have always felt safe, even walking home from Ally Pally/Wood Green/Bounds Green stations late at night.

Overall it's quiet and people are friendly. Finsbury Gardens is a lovely little outdoor space and the kids' playground is well used by young children and their parents. The children from the schools in the area are generally well-behaved.

We have a thriving local community including this website, the Bowes Park Community Association, the Middleton Road shopping area and market, and quite a few decent local restaurants (Fatisa is always good and is at the end of the road). 

Hope this helps!



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