The New River Path is Open again.  You can now walk along the river on the new non-muddy path.  It will look much better when the grass starts to grow on the banks.  Thames Water will be back in April to sow some more grass and check all is OK.  When the grass has properly covered the banks and is strong enough, TW will take down the fencing.

If you are a dog owner who walks this way, please do not let your dog foul on the bank as you cannot get access to clear it up.  It would a great pity if the bank becomes one large open-air dogs' lavatory.

Let us hope that the new (and ugly) tall fencing does indeed stop the graffiti lads from painting the Tunnel Mouth - a listed building.

I look forward to sitting on the grassy bank next year - or maybe even later this year - and enjoying our lovely river.

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It's great to have this open again. I don't think that the fencing looks too bad, and I am hoping that the industrial chic steel sheet piles to the edge of the river mellow with time  

This is an update on works that have been going on this week.

TW contractors have been smoothing out the very lumpy river banks.  This means that they do not look green any more.... but they soon will.  More grass seed will be sown, and then the banks will be left to grow.  Hopefully by the summer it will be our lovely New River Path again, and people can sit in the sun on the bank and watch the ducks and cormorant.  What we need now is some rain to encourage the seeds to grow.  

I am sorry there is bad behaviour again down on the Path.

Re the cans in the bin...better in the bin than just on the Path or thrown in the River.  But it does get full.  There is a Rota of amazing volunteers who clean up the path and empty the bin ... if you would like to join them then do get in touch re the BPCA website.

Who takes care of the river path? Is it Thames water ?

The land is owned by TW, but their priority is delivering water to north London - not picking up cans dropped by local boozers, and loads of other stuff.  When the Path was created it was agreed that TW would not have to pick up the rubbish, and in many areas local volunteers did what was necessary, or there were easily accessible bins on the near-by pavement for the Council to empty.   Most areas do not have the high volume of drinkers and dog walkers etc that our stretch from Myddleton To Whittington has, especially at the Myddleton end.  The top of the path by the Tunnel entrance used to have no bin at all, just a pile of rubbish, which I used to clear for many years on an ad-hoc basis.  The BPCA asked TW to install a bin in the hope that people would not over-fill it etc.  Some hope!  And it is not where any Council workers can access.

It all got too much for one person, so......The Litter collection and cleaning of that stretch of Path, and the Gym and the Community Garden and the emptying of the bin at the top of the Tunnel mouth, are done on a Rota by a wonderful group of BPCA volunteers.  The BPCA provides each volunteer with the loan of a litter-picker, and gloves, and waste bags etc.  Each volunteer only does one session every 4-5 weeks in the summer and less often in the winter.  

If you would like to join the volunteers and be put on the Rota, please contact me via the BPCA website.



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