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A new artwork by graffiti artist Banksy appeared overnight on May 13/14 2012.
It is on the wall of the PoundLand shop on the corner of Wood Green High Road and Whymark Avenue at the Turnpike Lane end of the High Road.
The artwork depicts a young boy - Asian in appearance - barefoot and hunched over a sewing machine. A small pipe on the wall is used to attach a string of cheap plastic Union Flag bunting.

Photo by Luke Giles

The Bunting was earlier fixed along the wall - but has become detached.

Looks like a comment on the upcoming Jubilee celebrations, maybe a reference to the London 2012 Olympics. Its siting on the wall of Poundland in Wood Green High Street may have a resonance with the street disturbances and looting of last summer?

What do you think of the work?

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Really depressing... :(



Sickenly ironic that a piece of art depicting child labour is going to be sold for some ridiculous amount of money. 

So cynical. And it's going for $400k starting price! 

Should we have slapped a preservation order on it somehow?  Is it legal for him to sell it just like that? And it does seem ironic that it was about slave labour in the third world and was attached to Poundland where people work for nowt.  I guess the 'owner' of that wall is laughing all the way to the bank even though it's not really his to sell - it's the people's work of art.

A Noel Park councillor is urging people to email the auction company and get it removed, look

"One of our Noel Park councillors has started a campaign to contact the auction company who's selling the Banksy He's asking people to email art company auctioning it on Tell them to withdraw it from auction"

It has hit the national "newspapers" with a story in the Metro and another in The Sun based on Cllr Strickland's campaign.

thanks Lindsey - I have e-mailed the company.  I wonder though if it will make any difference. I have also e-mailed my friends at Levenes Solicitors in Wood Green as when the Banksy mural went up they all went down in their lunch hour to see it and have their photos taken with it.  They are all really upset and angry about it. 

I wouldn't be surprised if another mural appeared on that wall now - from irate members of the public.

Excellent comment, Kathleen. I've quoted you (nameless, but) in my write up for Londonist today:

Great article Lindsey.   Yes - perhaps we should all be Banksys now! i.e. we should all stand up and paint:

"I'm Banksy"

"No, I'm Banksy"

"Sit down you mutt - I'm Banksy"



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