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Has anyone noticed this happening more and more?

Today I saw a fit young man park up (on a white zig-zag line) and use a blue disabled badge. I asked him what his disability was and he basically told me to p*ss off.

I have noticed this happening a lot in the area, often with very very expensive cars (ie the local criminal underworld)

I reported the issue to Enfield and Haringey council, with the badge/vehicle number, and apparently, a) you have to report this to the borough which ISSUED the badge, and b) there's nothing they can do anyway unless a council parking warden or policemen sees them using the badge.

Someone from Enfield called me back and they said they estimate at least 25% of blue badges are being misused.

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A fit young man? You cannot possibly know from a simple glance at someone whether they are disabled. How dare you confront someone in the street and demand they justify their disability! This is outrageous.  

A recent example of a disabled person being bullied and demonised because of a busybody thinking they were cheating the system was widely reported. I urge you to read this story online (follow link) .

Oh and in connection with your third paragraph what exactly is the evidence for your correlation of car choice and criminal conviction.  

Before jumping to ill-informed judgements you might want to consider whether it is actually any of your concern...

I quite agree.   Well said.

Strange link to have posted here, John ... since it is about someone using a disabled parking space, who is neither registered as disabled nor holds a blue badge.   Whoever left her an abusive note was clearly wrong, but her own actions have been roundly condemned by many disability groups!  Its a completely different scenario.

If someone has a genuine disability (especially one that isn't visible), surely they shouldn't object to being challenged?  

Bear in mind that there are such things as hidden disabilities.   Lots of people assume that a disabled badge holder has to be in a wheelchair.   I was mugged and badly injured on the footbridge at Bowes Park.  I had private nursing for a year.  Amongst other things, I had brain damage, a fractured skull, nerve damage in my head, damage to my eyes.    When I have bad head days, I cannot walk in a straight line and walk into lampposts, people etc.   My co-ordination and concentration goes which was why I was given a blue badge so that people ferrying me around (I don't drive) can minimise the amount of walking I do.   On good days, when there is little pain, I can walk round locally.   I get very cross when I am in genuine need and see people abusing blue badges as was probably the case you have mentioned.  However, I find it very upsetting when I am challenged as to why I am using a blue badge by people unqualified to know the circumstances.

Please note the extract from the Blue Badge Guide reproduced here, the vehicle could have been issued with a valid Parking Contravention Notice (PCN)

  • If these obstructive vehicles are parked in LB Haringey telephone  020 8489 2102 or use the report form on the LBHaringey web site
  • If the obstructive vehicle is parked in LBEnfield then telephone LBEnfield's contractor  24 x7 hours a day: Tfm Parking Services on  020 8443 0602, based at Unit 2, Crown Road EN1 1TH

In each case ... you will need the Vehicle Registration Mark, Colour vehicle make and location.



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