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Only recently I was commenting that an awful lot of cats have gone missing in our area.  Now sadly it has happened to me.  My beautiful cat Daisy has gone missing, she is grey with green eyes and a red collar.  She was last seen around 2pm yesterday in Maidstone Road.  She is a timid cat and it is so unlike her to stay out longer than an hour or so.  She is very thin as she has been recovering from illness.  Please could you keep an eye out for her she is very much missed.


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I'm sorry to hear this, I hope that you find her.

You must be so worried.  I hope she comes home soon and will keep an eye out for her.  Let us know if she turns up.

Hello Hester, has your Daisy returned? I know how worrying it can be as I have had cats for many years and it's just awful when they disappear. I'm sure you've put up notices though? They can surprise you and return even after a longish absence. All the best with this.

Another thought Hester - have you asked neighbours to check their sheds? I had a cat who disappeared for several days but came back, thinner - she had obviously been shut in somewhere.

Do you have a photo? Which street do you live in?

Thank you all for your concern.  Daisy has turned up after we put some posters and called on a lot of understanding neighbours, where she has been and what she's been up to, well she's not saying, but she's staying close to home.  She has been checked by the vet and is fine.  Thank you all again.  Hester

brilliant news! You must have been very worried, glad she's been found. Cats do wander sometimes - I remember years ago we lost our mog, and when he turned up after many leaflets & much searching, he'd travelled miles, back to the house we'd just moved from!

oh, so pleased for you!

Oh I'm so pleased to hear that. I bet she's getting lots of pampering!

Really good news! Glad this has had a happy ending.



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