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I am interested in finding a kitten - for my granddaughter.  Does anyone have any?

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Visit a rescue  centre. They are overflowing 

Thanks that's a good suggestion.

I agree Irena,  we "rescued" our much loved family cat, Millie, from Wood Green Animal Centre several years ago  ... and she is now firmly in charge of the household! 

The Wood Green Centre rehomes cats and dogs from three different sites - you can check the process online and go and visit in person. More details here

sounds as if Millie has landed on her paws! Lovely to hear

Irena makes a helpful comment.  Taking responsibility for a kitten/cat it should be seen as  a long term family responsibility. Who would look after the kitten at family holiday times? Do you know a friendly veterinary surgeon either close to home or readily accessible?

Have you any friends that have their own cats? Does your grand daughter show any allergic adverse reactions to cat hair? Will the cat be able to play in the garden during the day or would it be kept indoors?.

There are some helpful videos on successful cat handling cat grooming for long haired and short haired cats on 

Hi Donald

I've had many cats over the years, just not at the moment.  I will be the one looking after it and know how to do that.  I would particularly like to find a kitten - a rescue centre may indeed be the answer.

Mayhew Animal Home, Wood Green , Cats Protection North London Adoption Centre. RSPCA CNEL to name but  a few!

I know the Mayhew had kittens recently check out their website. Celia Hammond is south of the river and always have an abundance of furry friends looking for furever homes.

My  ''Vince'' a rescue kitten now  aged 3 is assuming residency with me in Bounds Green and dining on the finest cuisine. 

I  wish people would neuter their pets, there really is no excuse. Free neutering is available.



Donald thank you for highlighting responsible ownership. 

Dear All

I followed your suggestion and went to Wood Green Animal Charity.  I have a lovely little black kitten who we have names 'star', rampaging around my house as I write.

Thanks everyone.

Lovely. A star is born x



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