Hi all,
We need your ideas..! To (maybe) get some funding for Myddleton Road.
At last night's Myddleton Road Strategy Group it was agreed we would to submit an expression of interest for the TfL Future Street funding which could be up to £100,000 for Myddleton Road. Deadline for initial ideas is the end of May.
One of Haringey's regeneration team is doing a great job in pushing forward this funding application. But he wants to hear other ideas for consideration.
Things we discussed things included: 
  • innovative lighting (light arches, or bespoke light columns, or coloured lights, or those triggered by movement)
  • greening of the road
  • themed artwork on the street
  • "iceberg" bins (where a huge bin is hidden under the road with a small bin on top) and other ideas.
Ideas must be innovative (not just tidying up things), temporary (in that they cannot be large permanent infrastructure changes), and should act as measurable pilots for doing the same elsewhere.
I've copied basic criteria below, but do check out the link for full details. 
All ideas welcome. But please be aware the bid must meet the strict criteria and therefore not all ideas can be included. And this money is not guaranteed - the expression of interest may not even result in a formal bid.
But it's worth a try and could result in something positive for Myddleton Road. Which has got to be good.
Deadline for initial ideas is the end of May. Just reply to this post by 25 May with your suggestions.

Infrastructure and assets fit for the future

FocusManaging and improving existing assets – including pavements, street furniture, carriageways, bridges, tunnels, signals and the wider urban realm – or ensuring that vehicles are as clean, quiet and safe as possible.

For exampleUsing new materials such as photo-luminescent paint, noise reducing barriers/materials, solar-powered infrastructure/lighting or new designs for street furniture.


More efficient/flexible use of space

FocusDesigning and using available space more efficiently and flexibly by time of day, supporting movement as well as vibrant places, and improving safety for vulnerable road users including pedestrians and cyclists.

For example: ‘Reversible’ new city living spaces and initiatives to give streets a makeover in imaginative, low-cost ways or to bring under-used or blighted spaces back to life.


Intelligent systems and management

FocusDeveloping and implementing smarter systems and using new technologies to get more out of the network, and delivering more reliable journeys and improved customer experience.

For exampleBus or cycle lanes incorporating LED lighting to improve the reliability and operation of the road network.


Changing behaviour/managing demand
Encouraging people and businesses to make changes to how, when or

whether they travel, and designing the city and activities to reduce the need to travel. 

For exampleReducing the number of journeys or shifting the time or mode of travel. 

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Innovative lighting sounds great - I loved having the lights in the tree by the gym at Christmas. And I'm all for greening & artwork. 

Wow - ice berg bins. What a great idea. I'd be interested in encouraging more cycling by introducing intelligently planned cycle ways. The only alarm bell with the above is that well thought out planning of the kind that enhances sustainable transportation is rarely low cost - although when done well, brings its economic rewards in the longer term - alongside the social and environmental.

Really interesting opportunity.

It may be out of scope for this funding - or it might connect with the changing behaviour / reducing travel strand...

...but I'd love to see an empty shop space in Myddleton Road turned into a workspace hub. Somewhere with desks to use and maybe shared resources like computers, a photocopier, printers, fast Wi-fi for online conferencing and a meeting room with decent coffee etc. Having a good place to work and meet locally could mean many journeys into the city could be avoided - with the added benefit of connecting-up local people who might contribute to shared projects and new enterprises.

A further advantage would be to have a space in the neighbourhood that, outside of working hours, could be used for other community projects - supporting people get online, or like the amazing 826 Valencia project in San Francisco a creative writing support centre for school students as outlined in this video below:

Great ideas! Particularly greening the street, art works and the iceberg bins. It would be great to have a focus on reducing the litter problem.

In response to Richards comment about 826 Valencia Project, a similar example closer to home is Hackney Pirates: http://www.hackneypirates.org/our-story. They do great stuff connecting creative people and children.

I look forward to hearing about the ideas that develop from this.

Really good ideas suggested so far and would be happy to see any of them pop up on the road. Anything that starts to get across the idea that the street is actually meant for people would be great - I love the road but it is rather dominated by car parking at the moment. Might be a bit controversial but stealing some of those parking bays (in a reversible way) to make a bit of space for whatever ideas make it in the bid could be a plan.

A few other random ideas to throw into the pot:

- around the time we first moved to Bounds Green there was a nice little list of things to do on Myddleton Road up on the community noticeboard (link here) - there could be a way of developing this idea in to a few temporary and very local Legible London style boards highlighting the things to do on the road or within walking/cycle distance? Depending on the design it could also incorporate a bit of history about the street or local art...

- creating some clear zones for people to stop and chat with a bit of clever colour on the pavement, benches, a bit of greenery and maybe even some street play equipment (or a hopscotch grid or two).

- talking bins or singing ones? Not as innovative as the iceberg idea but apparently has worked elsewhere and adds to the idea of this being a playful area

- this might be a question of space but making the road two-way for cyclists is meant to be a good way of encouraging mode shift

Going be each theme, here are some ideas:
More efficient/flexible use of space
Encouraging pedestrian footfall and increasing dwell times and spending
- more amenity space, benches, public art, innovative lighting, iceberg bins could fit here too.
Enabling two way cycle flows (also fits under Changing behaviour/managing demand)
- moving balance of street from parked cars to cycle and walking flows (could be temporary trial, semi segregated contra flow cycling west to east or peak time only)
- more cyclists change balance of street from car dominated to people dominated (and encreased stopping/spending en route - evidence in London Councils research)
Infrastructure and assets fit for the future
- electric car club bays including an electric van for business use (in partnership with Zipcar etc to encourage take up of EVs and reduce car ownership, releasing parking spaces and reducing car use), this also ticks the Changing behaviour/managing demand  and Intelligent systems and management boxes too.  There is evidence on how car club use of EVs is positive in awareness raising and other benefits (Carplus annual survey 2014)
- Transport departure board on Bowes Park bridge, providing train, tube and bus departure information (integrating journey planning), currently if there is a problem at Bowes Park you have to go to the platform to find out, there is also a flow people to and from the tube in difficulties (very inefficient!).  Few if any examples of this actually being implemented in London in an integrated fashion.
- Implementing wifi at Bowes Park station, making stations fit for the 21 Century, improving connectivity
Lots of things to think about...

What excellent ideas.  I wonder if themed artwork on Myddleton Road could follow the passage of the New River underground.   If it started from the Wood Green area it might even draw in curious people who were not even aware of the existence of  Myddleton Road.

Yes! A vibrant place that hums with colour, singing bins, play and conversation -  a street that is people friendly and not dominated by cars - the balance moving to pedestrians and cyclists; more amenity space.  The environment - adding colour to the street. I like the idea of creating some clear zones for people to stop and chat and street play equipment... places for adults to play and read with children- an outdoor book area for adults and children to talk about and share books. Also workshop hubs which might be cross generational - older and younger people sharing skills.  Talking/debating area - to encourage conversation between people... colourful signs which advertise that the purpose of the street is to explore ways in which local people feel able to make connections with each other across the generations.  A box in the street for posting responses to this initiative to encourage further communication - the idea that the project is part of an exploratory process that involves locals. The work of the strategy group is inspiring!

Hi Toby - did the Regeneration Team manage to get in an expression of interest by the 1st June deadline?

Yes indeed. Thanks to some good work by the various members of We Love Myddleton Road we came up with some great ideas for Haringey Council to submit an expression of interest.

It was great to hear so many good ideas from everyone - we'll keep this forum updated when we hear back from TfL.

Thanks to everyone who helped.

That's great news - good work everyone involved. Fingers crossed for some useful/positive feedback.

There might be a better place to put this but if a similar bid ever comes along then this would go high on my wish list for Myddleton Rd:

A 'parklet' that turns a parking space (or a couple if they are going spare) into a bike park/seating/green space. The first one in the UK has just gone in near Old Street supported by Sustrans > http://www.sustrans.org.uk/news/busy-london-street-reclaimed. There's quite a few pictures on Twitter if you follow the links but here's one that captures it well: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CJAMJuNWsAAMlpc.jpg.

There's a few spots on Myddleton I can imagine this working as part of a trial...


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