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I would like to discover and learn about the history of Bounds Green. I have only ever found books relating to Wood Green , Palmers Green andSouthgate. 


Can anyone help please?

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The book by Albert Pinching - Wood Green Past - does include a fair bit of Bounds Green history too, but I don't know of a specific Bounds Green history...Maybe the Bruce Castle Museum might help?

Great. Many thanks for your advice.

Bounds Green is Historically in Wood Green,so books on the latter should cover the former.

There is a Wood Green parish marker down brownlow road as it goes.On the right hand side of the road as you look towards Bowes road.More or less level with the Harringey sign.

Ta muchly.

Hi Irena,

did you find anything out about Bounds Green's history? I'm interested in finding out about our road (Ollerton) and the neighbouring roads: when they were built, how many different builders, prices etc.

The deeds to my house say it was built in 1895 but the drain cover outside in the road says 1907. I'm intrigued as to whether the houses were built before the drainage system was finished.

I'm also interested in why there are so many different styles of house in Highworth Road. Were the builders trying to find a suitable style? Were there different developers perhaps?

I'd love to see how these properties were advertised and how much they went for then. Can you help at all or point me in the right direction?



Robin, in the case of my road (Wood Green/Palmers Green borders) I found that house plots were sold in groups of lots so there were 3 sets of builders on my road, as is evidenced by the very different style near Wolves Lane end of the road, to the two very similar styles from the middle to the lower end (the houses in the close are slightly smaller too). I believe I found that out from the deeds to our house and an online search, probably when I was working as a Property secretary, but it was so long ago, I can't recall the details!  I hope you have success, it's all extremely fascinating, plus as mentioned above, the books on Wood Green/Palmers Green do cover Bounds Green area very well, and I have a wealth of did you know... facts to share with my neighbours when I'm walking my dog from those books, together with information from my older neighbours when they were alive.

Thanks - I've ordered Wood Green Past. What was the other one?

Hi Robin

The Big Green Bookshop in Wood Green has a Local/London history section - and their website details a selection of local books

Link here:

Thanks for that - will take a look.

There is a very useful booklet produced by Haringey Library and Archives at Bruce Castle.  It is the Haringey History Tool Kit. 

Here it is

Good luck



This is great - will visit the museum as soon as I can!


As the deeds of my property show the house was built around 1853, Brownlow Road.

I do know others were built around this time.

The area belonged to a "Tottenham Farm", my house, and others, were built on the orchard and it has a well in the garden. This is about 20feet deep and 6ft in diameter. I have pumped it out, it is just ground water the garden has clay drainage pipes buried leading to the well.

If I can think of anything else I will add it on here.



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