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Help Calais / Greece refugee campaign - Volunteering at the Big Yellow Storage in East Finchley

I've just come back from dinner with a friend who has been volunteering for the Help Calais / Greece refugee campaign at the Big Yellow Storage in East Finchley.  Over the last week they've been absolutely overwhelmed with donations and support from the public.  One huge articulated lorry is on it's way to the Greek/Macedonian borders as I write and today she was in Calais with the people running the campaign investigating logistics on the ground.

It seems that there is a real need for volunteers who can spare time to help in the Big Yellow Storage and the campaign.

I'm not involved but this email addressh is where you can get in touch if you can help in some capacity 



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This is great to know. I can not help with time unfortunately, but can donate things. Will email here. Thanks for that.

This is great to know. I can not help with time unfortunately, but can donate things. Will email here. Thanks for that.

Thanks for that. Will be in touch with your friend as got things to donate.

I went to there today to help and it was truly awe inspiring to see the scale of voluntary work and the fruits of others efforts. While I was there a group of sixth formers who had trekked over from UCL Academy School in Swiss Cottage were working with others to stack big boxes of well sorted and labelled items onto pallets that were then bounds up with clear film ready for shipment.

As I understood it, The Big Yellow Box company had provided storage space of more than ten units and Tesco are supply an articulated truck to take it all to Calais next week. Tesco are also arranging storage in Calais as well as stacks of clothing from their own shops. All very commendable!

Another thing that was impressive is that this all seems to have happened almost spontaneously without much publicity and formal organisation. It was heartening to experience this, but sobering to think that the scale of the problem is huge and is likely to grow.

It wasn’t clear to me what happens after this shipment goes. It would be good to know what the next opportunity to help is.



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