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As of around 45 minutes ago (this would have been around 6pm) our neighbours towards the Warwick Rd end of Maidstone Road had their large downstairs front window smashed by some hooligan youths - they used our pumpkin as the missile, which we had put out to show we were up for trick or treating. They will have to get out an emergency glazier and it will cost hundreds of pounds. They are the nicest, quietest of people and we are absolutely shocked at this outrageous behaviour.

I heard a loud racket from inside our house but by the time I got through the front door all I could see was a group of 5-8 youths walking down West towards the N Circ end of the road (they were definitely not young trick-or-treaters, nor did they look like an adult group). Unfortunately I didn't notice the loss of our pumpkin or the damage next door at the time, otherwise I would have chased them with my camera.

The police have been called but it may be hours before they attend. Can I please ask all B&BC subscribers to keep your ears open to any loose chatter or social media postings which might be related to this incident.

Many thanks


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