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I have just heard that one of our very special local characters died last Friday.  Many of you will have seen Eddie with his dogs, often he was pushing one of them in a low hand cart.  They were the best behaved dogs I have ever known - and I am not a dog addict at all.  They were never on leads, always behaved when waiting at traffic lights, crossed safely, and waited for Eddie quietly outside shops.  Eddie was always friendly with a happy "Good Morning". I last saw him and his dogs by the Bounds Green tube crossing mid week, and he told me that the lovely brown dog in the cart was , "Better now."  He will be much missed. 

PS. I do not have a photo of Eddie and the dogs, but if anyone has one, it would be good to have it on B and B.

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Thanks for the update. I was wondering where he was as I had not seen him/dogs for ages.A great   no nonsense character and animal lover too. Bless him and his dogs.RIP Eddie you loveable ol rogue x  

Oh gosh, how sad. I used to see him crossing the road with all the dogs. Wish I had taken a photo. What will happen to the dogs, anyone know?

I am so sad to hear this news.  He was a lovely guy and I often used to sit on the wall outside the school and have a chat with him.

Sadly no photo.


RIP Eddie. Never knew his name but used to wave at him and his dogs when they were all sat on the grass outside the school.

That is sad news.  I last saw Eddie just over a week ago out with the dogs, it must have been shortly before he died, we stopped and chatted for a few minutes, he was telling me about a dog that he was looking after recently and that he had managed to get it rehomed, but he really did not seem well then.  I have lived in the area for over 36 years and Eddie has always been a part of the fabric of Bounds Green, he was devoted to his dogs and as you say they were always so well behaved, they used to put my dogs to shame because those dogs behaved like 'gentlemen' if you know what I mean, I can only put it down to Eddies training, but more than that, his affinity with those dogs and in return their love and devotion to him. It was some thing special to see him out with them . I have seen the puppies grow old and new puppies in the pack following their elders.  The old dog in the cart, well it only seems like the other day he was a puppy full of the joys of life.  I am wandering what is going to happen to the old boys that he has left behind, and feel for their sad loss and what they will make of it all without him. Rest in peace Eddie, you will not be forgotten.  God bless you.

This is such sad news.  I have never known dogs so lovingly looked after.    I'm sure he will have made arrangements for them to be rehomed.

God Bless you Eddie, RIP with your lovely dogs around you. xx

I have today seen the lovely tribute/flowers left for Eddie where he often sat! This is such a lovely gesture so thank you to whoever arranged it, it brought a lump to my throat. Eddie would have been chuffed to bits. I do hope his beloved dogs are being well looked after they will be pining for him x

Here is a photo of the tributes left to Eddie in what was his usual location near Bounds Green School. There are flowers - some in the shape of a dog bone-  some cards and dog toys; very poignant.

Someone had left a photograph attached to a small bouquet:

Does anyone know if his dogs were rehomed. Or have they been taken to a rescue centre or do Haringey have them? Just in case anyone in our community might consider rehoming them in familiar surroundings?

So sorry to hear this - never knew his name but often spoke to him.  He was a lovely caring person - very sad. 

Good bye Eddie, you were a nice guy and had always a smile and warm words for everyone. I always had a chat with you and left with a good feeling. It is a shame not to see you around anymore.



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