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Hello, we found a lovebird in distress stuck in the new river. We scooped it out but after a few hours it was still in the same position still on the floor so we took it home so the dogs / cats / foxes couldn't get at it. After a few hours and some apple it now seems its old self. But it's not ours and needs it's home and loving family. Is it yours?

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Poor thing. I wonder how it got there. I hope its owner replies. 

I hope so too!!

Maybe take a pic and put up notices around the area? A lot of people won't be looking at this site or have access to it. A bit of a pain, I know – I have a wandering cat so I know about circulating flyers!

It's definitely a lovebird and not one of the wild green parakeets??

At first I wondered if it could be a baby wild parakeet but it doesn't look like one (I used Google Lens to identify it as a rosey faced lovebird) it's tail it Purple / Blue and its body is yellow with a ting of green. Peach coloured face. It's also very tame (flying over to sit in my hip and my arms etc.)

Yep, def sounds like a lovebird with that colouring. Also if it's that tame it must belong to someone. I suppose you could try the local police to see if anyone has reported it missing… or the RSPB. Are you OK feeding it?

Good idea - I will try both of those in the AM. Yes I have been feeding it apples and seeds - and It's been tucking in happily and I have ordered specialised food to arrive tomorrow. Thank you! 

I've looked on Google. The green parakeets have long tails and are pretty much green all over. Lovebirds have much shorter tails, red faces and a flash of blue feathers in the tail.

If in doubt maybe contact the RSPB?

Yes it's definitely a lovebird. Thanks for this! It is certainly a pet - it came and sat on my shoulder while I was doing the washing up! It must have a loving family looking for it :(

I am feeding it fine but I don't have a cage or anywhere to keep it - it'll be fine roaming free in the kitchen for now but if anyone has a temporary cage for it until it's owners are found that would be hugely appreciated.

(also apologies for all the typos above - I must have been distracted)

Thank you for all of your help Diana and VGB

I hope it can be reunited with its family, but if not it sounds like its taken a shine to you : )

Any joy finding the owners Jess? Can you take a picture and use it to circulate some flyers? I don’t know anything about birds but I wonder how far lovebirds might fly. Hopefully the owners are local. I don’t have a cage but the RSPB would be able to advise you about feeding, behaviour and rehoming if necessary. My wonderful vets, Hills down in Park Road in Crouch End, might also be useful. I would also notify the local police - long shot but you never know. I hope the owners actually WANT it back and didn’t release it deliberately - people can be so weird! Let me know if you need any help, printing flyers etc.
Thank you for all these tips, that's fantastic. No luck yet. I've put posts on Facebook too. I'll print some flyers today and call the RSPB, thank you again!



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