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Hi there, I'm one of the people who put posters on lamp posts  to advertise my businesses (Drawing & Watercolour classes), along with other people who advertise their business in similar way. We were contacted recently by someone who would like to "reduce the amount of illegal flyposting that is occurring" and he has now reported  on us to Haringey council. He is also taking our posters off...

Our problem is that there are no notice boards in the area, (apart from a tiny one in Myddleton Road), so there is no way of advertising locally. But also we think that this is what makes a community thrive, this is how you know about what is happening in your area. (I started yoga classes through it). Cambridge is full of posters (see photograph). 

We think that  large notice board for the public use, should be installed in areas such as the train stations, by parks etc.. 

We would like hear how you feel about these posters. Do they trouble you? Do you think they are important to know what is going on? 

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Yes, local business should be encouraged but I think we have to accept that not everyone appreciates posters attached to lamposts, and they are illegal. Public spaces do not exist for the purpose of free business advertising, and I think it is rather selfish for anyone think that it's ok to advertise this way.

The council website states:

"Vandalism is an illegal, anti-social activity that creates a negative impression of an area...

The council is committed to tackling graffiti and fly posting. Like vandalism, this is an anti-social problem. Please help us to stamp it out by reporting any incidents of graffiti and fly-posting that you see."

It's a shame that certain local businesses (The Salsa one amongst others) choose not to advertise on the two Myddleton Road notice boards, but instead choose to illegally attach their adverts to lamposts, thus breaking the law, and making the area look untidy. Well done.



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