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Hi there, I'm one of the people who put posters on lamp posts  to advertise my businesses (Drawing & Watercolour classes), along with other people who advertise their business in similar way. We were contacted recently by someone who would like to "reduce the amount of illegal flyposting that is occurring" and he has now reported  on us to Haringey council. He is also taking our posters off...

Our problem is that there are no notice boards in the area, (apart from a tiny one in Myddleton Road), so there is no way of advertising locally. But also we think that this is what makes a community thrive, this is how you know about what is happening in your area. (I started yoga classes through it). Cambridge is full of posters (see photograph). 

We think that  large notice board for the public use, should be installed in areas such as the train stations, by parks etc.. 

We would like hear how you feel about these posters. Do they trouble you? Do you think they are important to know what is going on? 

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I personally don't find the multiplicity of A4 posters on railing and lamposts a problem as long as they are taken down before they get too scruffy.


I agree with Gabriela and her photo of Cambridge that posters for local events, activties and businesses can help reflect the vibrancy of an area and also add to it by getting more people invloved in these things. I would much rather have the vibrant local community and posters that we have than no posters and less community activities and local businesses.


The current provision of noticeboards certainly seem inadequate, and some more would be good. However unless they are in really good locations that people walk past all the time I think our local culture of railing and lampost posters would be likely to continue, even if it is abaited for a while by enforcement action from the authorities. 

If every local business started advertising on lamposts, railings the area would look a right mess. It doesn't matter what the business is, it is illegal, it costs YOU, (the council tax payer) money in order to clear it up, and it is an eyesore. Signs advertising the local car breakers, bedsits, yoga, dancing, painting, tarmac company, minicabs, or lap dancers are all the same - illegal.

My advice - lobby your local MP/Councillor about more noticeboards.

Re your advice

 lobby your local MP/Councillor about more noticeboards.

Within LBnfield there has been a Residents Priority Fund with apportioned funding for each council ward in proportion to the Deprivation Index

This Residents Priority Fund was established to help address social, economic or environmental need, in each of the Council’s 21 wards. 

Each ward has been allocated a proportion of the funding; the sub committee takes the final decision on which projects to fund and how much they should be given.

The Committee is made up of four members of the Cabinet and meets nearly every month to consider applications. Decisions are published in the twice weekly publication of decision list. 

These funds have been used by several communities to purchase notice boards

As a most recent example of commercial anti-social behaviour in the areas north of Bowes Park have been the series of posters being displayed for the Netherlands National Circus in The Paddocks car park at Alexandra Palace between 2nd 12th April.

The event is now over but the organisers will not be around to take them down

I run a local martial arts club in Muswell Hill just down the road from Bounds Green. I agree there is a lack of space to put free notices up. That said I paid to have my flyers up in local newsagents/shops. Its the price of doing business. 

The problem with notice boards in places like Tesco/sainburys is that they are often either obscured by stock or put in inconvenient places where a shopper can't really stop and read notices. 

I don't mind flyposting at all for local businesses/ events and in fact find them useful reminders about what is going on in our area.  It seems to me that people are responsible about it and they are removed after events/ before they get scruffy etc.  I know they are illegal but, for goodness sake, the people posting them are, in the main, the people who are making enormous efforts to make this area a better place to live. Some more local noticeboards are a good idea, but I honestly don't think it's a big deal when responsible people put notices on lamposts in an increasingly virbrant community.  I love the green bikes that appear for the market for example! 

I have lived here for nearly 30 years and this community is the best it has ever been.

What about if Tesco started attaching adverts to every lampost in your street? Would you be happy about that? Or maybe the local massage parlour? They are both legal businesses.

And it's not just one or two isolated posters, some people put posters on multiple lamposts. It's unsightly.

Public space should not be used for people to advertise their business, unless they have a permit, or it is designated advertising space (eg billboards). Otherwise they are just running a business but wanting to get free advertising, illegally, at the tax-payers expense.

It is illegal. Plain and simple.

I suggest these flyposters familiarise themselves with the law. If they don't like it, complain to their elected representatives.

I have also lived here for over thirty years and am very excited by what is happening in this area.  My partner went to Gabriela's art class because I spotted one of her beautiful posters... and discovered he could draw.  

What about a notice board by Bounds Green tube to liven it up.

Who is your husband? Thank you!

Jayne, there's no need to keep repeating that it's illegal. No one has argued that it is.

As you can see, there are plenty of local people who do NOT find the posters unsightly, and welcome not only the information they give but also the fact that their very presence indicates a lively local community with lots to offer.    

Given that is the case, why not think about a solution and support the call for more noticeboards in the area? A perfect place would be on the fence of the tin tabernacle, at the exit of Bowes Park station.  There are always lots of posters there, and a noticeboard would tidy this up considerably.

Well said, thank you.

I also put posters up advertising each Myddleton Road Market. I always try to retrace my steps after them to take them down. I think if people could be diligent to remove them once date has past, that would be helpful.

I personally don't mind seeing them, but more noticeboards would be good.



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