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Hi there, I'm one of the people who put posters on lamp posts  to advertise my businesses (Drawing & Watercolour classes), along with other people who advertise their business in similar way. We were contacted recently by someone who would like to "reduce the amount of illegal flyposting that is occurring" and he has now reported  on us to Haringey council. He is also taking our posters off...

Our problem is that there are no notice boards in the area, (apart from a tiny one in Myddleton Road), so there is no way of advertising locally. But also we think that this is what makes a community thrive, this is how you know about what is happening in your area. (I started yoga classes through it). Cambridge is full of posters (see photograph). 

We think that  large notice board for the public use, should be installed in areas such as the train stations, by parks etc.. 

We would like hear how you feel about these posters. Do they trouble you? Do you think they are important to know what is going on? 

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I am really pleased as someone who has newly moved to the area to see that so many people are offering constructive solutions to the few people in the area who see this issue as a problem. It would be great if those who find this upsetting work with the businesses who are seeking to make amends by pursuing the notice board option to make this outcome a positive one for everyone.

I am not sure that it is only a few people- just because only a few people on this site have responded, it doesn't prove that hundreds of other people in the area wouldn't prefer it if flyposting didn't happen.

Cuts both ways, Andrew.   Just because you object doesn't mean that hundreds of other people are bothered by it.

I'm not bothered by the fly posting. It is a great way to find out what is going on in the area. I have joined a Pilates class, gone to barn dances, quiz nights and markets all due to posters I have seen scattered around the place. The posters in this area are usually for local and small events. Most posters seem to be removed once the events have finished. A lot more notice boards would be good but in their absence I have no objection to fly posting as happening in the BnB area.

Well.... it appears that no-one has stepped up to making a notice board to fit on the Tin Tabernacle fencing.  Pity.

But....Last week I had a meeting with a Bowes Park station chap , together with Heidi from the new Business Association, and Bill was most helpful. He was not in favour of open fronted boards, that anyone could put things in and out of, but..... He said that he would try to get two of the blue framed standard notice boards that the train company uses, and put one down on the platform for the Businesses, and one up on the wall of the walkway to the station from Whittington rd, which will be for Community notices.  I hope he succeeds and then at least some of these issues can be 'ticked'.

But if someone is willing to make a board for the Samaritan railings.... then I am sure that will be welcome too.

Hi Caroline

Might be best to check with The Samaritans first though. Clare contacted Nigel about a notice board and he confirmed that as and when the Tin Tabernacle is refurbished they will include a notice board.

Be great if Govia could do that. I believe Clare and Ali are meeting with them in the next couple of weeks.


See the May 1st post on the previous page.... I read it that the Samaritans happy with one now.


Yes, their email said they are happy if we put one up now (on the understanding that it'll need to come down when they renovate).  

That's a great development!

The only street posters like this I would tolerate are temporary ones that have "will be removed after event" on them, otherwise I often remove this kind of thing in my area.  I don't read them and wouldn't tend to trust such amateur, illegal things generally.  Our area (Arnos West, just north of B&B) has a community noticeboard on the NS Millennium Green, though that is only for community things, not commercial use.

What a peculiar attitude.  There is nothing that makes a physical poster less reliable than an online post. On the one hand you condemn them as "amateurish", but on the other you say they are "commercial"?
And the point that several of us are making, is that the existence of these local classes & clubs adds to our community feel, not takes anything away.  
I should add that I am not a poster ... but if I did have something to advertise I'd like a central place to do so, so I welcome the news that the local businesses are getting together to organise a notice board.

Adding to Shona's point, as small, part time businesses (we are mostly local mums that have built our small businesses to fit in around 3.30pm school pick up time), these posters are our lifeline and they wouldn't be if people didn't feel they added to the vibrancy of their local community and respond positively to them.

Removing these posters ruins someone's livelihood and potentially deprives someone else the opportunity of enjoying the wealth of activities offered in the local community - It is often older people, foreigners and people who are new to the area that respond to the posters and not only do they develop a new hobby but they gain a ready-made social group.

However large and sophisticated our online campaigns get (yes we are happy to spend money on advertising), posters still account for 50% of new business because not everyone is online/ knows where to look/ trusts information online. Seeing a poster locally tells them there is a class on nearby. If they tried to find the same class online they may fail as big corporations have much bigger budgets to stay at the top of google.

My Salsa classes have been running for 2 years now and I have finally managed to invest in a website to bring in more business so hopefully will be flyposting less now but small start-up businesses need time to get to that position. 

Not every community is lucky enough to have the wealth of activities we have on our doorstep in Bowes and Bounds and I for one would like to see these preserved as they lead to a more connected community.



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