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Hi there, I'm one of the people who put posters on lamp posts  to advertise my businesses (Drawing & Watercolour classes), along with other people who advertise their business in similar way. We were contacted recently by someone who would like to "reduce the amount of illegal flyposting that is occurring" and he has now reported  on us to Haringey council. He is also taking our posters off...

Our problem is that there are no notice boards in the area, (apart from a tiny one in Myddleton Road), so there is no way of advertising locally. But also we think that this is what makes a community thrive, this is how you know about what is happening in your area. (I started yoga classes through it). Cambridge is full of posters (see photograph). 

We think that  large notice board for the public use, should be installed in areas such as the train stations, by parks etc.. 

We would like hear how you feel about these posters. Do they trouble you? Do you think they are important to know what is going on? 

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Personally I think they make the area look a bit untidy, and they are against the law. I think the proper place for them is noticeboards. If every local business started advertising like this then the area would look a right state.

PS - Tesco on the High Road (near Myddleton road junction) has a noticeboard.

You can also put flyers though people's letterboxes/on car windscreens. I understand this is legal.

I also think google offer advertising to businesses so when people type in "painting classes bowes park" your details appear first in the list.

Advertising is part of the cost of running a business.

Thanks Jane. I understand your point. We try to remove old or ragged posters by the way. I'm happy to pay as well but you can't really pay to use the lamps, can you? As for the notice board in Tesco it is tiny, and not really enough. There should be notice boards installed in the area if the flyposting is to be stopped. Also please note that Myddleton group does the same. Are they aloud? What is more important, a community that things are happening there or a very clean fences? Regarding Google ads, or advertising in this website (which I do by the way, and had only two phone calls though it in all the times I fit so), they don't bring enough costumers sadly. I will take your suggestion about flyers, thank you.
I hope you can understand our side better though.

Flyposting has always been illegal, but I think councils are now taking a much sterner attitude to it, as there is so much of it about and it can really blight an area. Sooner or later you will end up with a fine and a criminal record.

I would lobby the local council about getting a larger noticeboard put up somewhere.

About 3 years back we put an advertisement for the Palmers Green Festival on the railings at Bowes Park station and didn’t even take it down post event. I still feel guilty. I can only say in defence that there is no cost to anyone from that event (still) and the marketing budget was correspondingly £zero. Generally I would suggest avoiding such visual littering. Enfield are becoming stricter about unregulated fly-posting in its many forms and I believe rightly so.

Festival will however be back again, without fly posting, this time on Sunday 6th September, usual time and place. There’ll also be five “Broomfield Blues” concerts (1:30-5:30) on August Sunday afternoons at the Broomfield Bandstand as we build on last year’s successful experience. Now add to those four “Proms in the Park” gigs on Sunday afternoons, same place, in July (2-4:30). This new initiative for 2015, will make it ten Sunday afternoons in a row, all free. Donations really welcome on the day(s) to help with the inevitable costs and reward the musicians.

And who knows what else may happen. Reading it, I can’t help but think that this old manuscript find could have an influence.

Flyposting can be a "right pain" and I have been previously involved in enforcement activity within Enfield in the past.

A distinction needs to be taken between

  • "help, my cat is lost" notice at A5/A4 size
  • the putting of an obstructive "A" board on The Bourne N14 advertising drama in Grovelands Park; and
  • the larger notices affixed to lighting columns or on a grass verge advertising the latest commercial gig from a record company or night club which may not have any local connection whatever At one time for a venue in Enfield there were enormously sized (perhaps A0 size)

The standard contract issued by Parks for Nationwide Amusements (Coggers Funfairs) in Broomfield Park had a contractual stipulation that a reasonable no of posters could only be affixed to the park railings of Broomfieled Parkso that the posters  did not become liberally scattered Borough wide

Strange how "flyposting" may be illegal but you may have recently noticed the numerous Enfield's French Market boards being held on 16-18 April . along roads in the Borough that have appeared when even Enfield's French Market could be deemed to breach the 6 1/2 mile rule under Charter Market operated for Charity of the Parish of Enfield by The Old Enfield Charitable Trust

Please be a good neighbour and take down out dated posters reduces the clutter and allows the most recent ones to be seen!

i think the odd "lost cat" poster is ok (as long as they are taken down at some point) but If you're running a business/enterprise, be it painting classes, handyman, yoga, pole dancing, escort services etc, you should not be using public street furniture to do this.

I entirely agree - advertising is part of the cost of running a business and as such should be calculated into the cost of the service offered.

The small notice board in Myddleton Road has been set up and is maintained by the Community Association ... volunteers spending their own time  and effort to create a space for promoting community events ... but it is currently about 80% taken up with profit-making enterprises ...  Zumba, Yoga, Salsa, Reiki and all sorts of other nonsense... 

You say "We think that  large notice board for the public use, should be installed" (sic) who do you expect to pay for this public facility? Whilst youth centres and elderly care homes are being cut across Haringey I don't want my Council Tax to subsidise your profits. What do these "entrepreneurs" actually contribute to the area apart from tacky advertising flyers and visual pollution?  ... I'm sorry but someone advertising their private Homeopathy practice does not "make the community thrive" ... it doesn't even make the hapless patient thrive.

And don't forget Haringey Council spends tax-payers money taking down illegal flyposts and keeping the area clean.

I think a bit of yoga might do you some good actually John.

Donald, you make a very important point in that we need to distinguish between the different types of posters ... luckily, those in our area are not large commercial multiples advertising raves, nor seedy escort services, etc.  They are mainly small business owners who live here and personally put up a few A4 notices in order to advertise a local service to local people..  And whatever John Mellor thinks (is everything that you don't like "nonsense"?), most people ARE interested in finding out what is available to do on their doorstep.
Far more intrusive are the endless takeaway menus and fake charity collection bags that get thrust through my front door, or the piles of dogshit that blight our streets.
However, I do understand that the posters are illegal and untidy, and could open the door to large-scale commercial postering mentioned above.

A few large noticeboards (Tesco's is tiny) are exactly what we need, then - of benefit to all the community: both those with adverts to make, and those who are interested in finding out whats on locally.  All that is needed is the cost of the board itself, as I'm sure there would be volunteers to manage the boards (date new posts and take them down after a month or after the event has finished).   As Gabriella has noted, those who post would probably be happy to pay a fee, so the boards might even pay for themselves. Minimal tax-payer outlay for maximum tax-payer benefit!

They are mainly small business owners who live here and personally put up a few A4 notices in order to advertise a local service to local people..

Some of these people put more than a "few" posters up. One business is particularly bad and their posters were put on every single lampost in one street, until the council took them off.

Regardless of the type of business being (illegally) advertised (for free), it's messy, it's against the law and everyone's council tax goes towards the cost of cleaning them up.



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