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Yesterday several stores in Myddleton Road had been painted over to serve as film props and this morning, about 30 people were in the middle of preparing for filming. Does anyone know which movie or TV series is being filmed? I was already getting excited about having a new Asian restaurant on the street, but alas, just a façade...

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I have witnessed this since yesterday and the company doing this film preparation is called Panavision UK. The road has been sealed off since early this morning until tomorrow, and it isn't really certain what Film this concerns. You would think there would have been an early sign on the road to confirm to all the locals when and what this was about? I can find nothing online as to what this is.. 

The Haringey website has a traffic suspension notice from today until September 21st. It just mentions 'filming'. The location fee chargeable by the council is £2000 per day (plus extras for traffic management), so I guess our cash strapped council is keen to monetize on Myddleton Road even if it disrupts locals. Hopefully our area gets mentioned in some credits, somewhere, and the local businesses got fair compensation.
They are filming a singing and dancing advert for Just Eat, the take away food delivery company.

The Just Eat commercial is done now and you can see it at as well as Sadly, all these nice take-aways have since vanished in real life - but on screen, they live on...


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