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Anyone who lives in the area will know Doms Cafe on Green lanes....and I suspect all of you will have noticed the signage above the premises ..well dear reader,  I was a liitle disturbed today to find out find out that the new owner is taking the old signage down and replacing it with something a bit more " modern "

This old green sign with chrome lettering  goes back to the sixties  ( and maybe beyond ) to when it was an ice cream parlour... ( I have this on very good authority , from my sister who is a few years older than myself )   does anyone know if there is a legal mechanism in which prohibits the removal of old signs like this one ??

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hi - did you find out any info?  I really love it, and let's face it, there aren't that many aesthetically pleasing things on that part of the road! L

Perhaps we all need to go to Dom's and tell them how much we like their sign and persuade them to keep it? I love that sign. And as Leigh says, there aren't many good ones on that bit of Green Lanes. 

I got a snap of Dom's today - should have got there earlier for better light, but you get the idea. 

Too late everyone...........the sign has gone   !!!!!

Oh no!

Yes, sadly the sign was changed over the weekend - what a shame.

They sell jackets? That is entrepreneurial diversification. 

That's hideous!

Alex - the new owner of Doms  -explains the background to the change of the shopfront sign in this forum post ... and invites locals in for a chat!

Yes, was in there today for a breakfast treat and spoke to Alex at great length on local issues ..........great food !!!



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