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Dear Neighbour


The Bowes Park Community Association (BPCA) is co-ordinating a network of community volunteers across Bounds Green and Bowes Park to support our neighbours during the Coronavirus pandemic.  We think it is vital that we provide safe contact and practical support – at a distance – to anyone who needs it.  We know other local groups are already setting up support systems which is amazing and heartening to know that we live in such a caring area.

To make sure no-one in our community is overlooked and to use our resources to best effect, we’d be really grateful if you could reply to this email or email to let us know: 

  • The names of any streets that already have a support group established (please can you ask the person co-ordinating to contact us)


  • If you want to be a Local Co-ordinator for a street / section of a street 

Many thanks and take care


Emma, BPCA Chair

P.S. if you are reading this and are in need of support because of coronavirus, please contact us

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Is there a possibility of getting groceries in 2 weeks’  time in the Marlborough Road area?

Hi Vivian, there certainly will be! Have you had a flyer through your door with the details of your street coordinator? If not, we'll find someone to help you.

No I have not had a flyer with details of my street co-ordinator.  It could have been taken by my neighbours downstairs.  I live on Marlborough Road near junction with Myddleton Road,].

Thanks for organising this. It is great.

This is an excellent initiative and it is great to see the useful ideas being shared. The Council has  COVID-19 ( and Haringey Together ( pages on the emergency which are constantly being revised and updated so please refer to them. If there are specific cases of individuals who need help from statutory services who are not getting it please let me know and I'll do what I can to ensure that they do. During this time I and my fellow Bounds Green councillors are holding surgeries via phone and email but residents are welcome, of course, to contact me or leave a message whenever they can ( 

Are you up to becoming a veg and fruit mini-wholesaler?

Now the restaurant sector's imploded, Covent Garden's overloading - and I suspect Smithfield and Billingsgate may be too. With Mums now standing forlorne, this may circumvent the Tesco hoards

Thanks for organising this Emma.  Sorry to say I will be more of a taker on this than a giver.

My name is Kamal Kaddourah, I would like to help, but i do not know how -  contact me please on 07717177733 or

Hi Kamal

Here is a Whatsapp group you can join. It was set-up to provide information and coordination for the whole Bounds Green Ward:

And here's a bit more information on how it operates:



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