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Woodside Park, N22 is being Negelcted!

Last year I made a few suggestions to Haringey Council to improve our Parks to the extend that we do need more activities and sport, i.e, crazy golf, bowls, community outdoor gym, tennis and netball grounds, a community cafe, wetland etc, etc, so all children of all ages & adults of all ages in the community to come together and integrate to enjoy one another's company, as so many of us living in London are cooped up at home, with no gardens, no balconies, we have the highest rate of depression and suicide in North London especially in the Borough of Haringey and they know this, they know that our parks have become are saviour, Council's should be doing more in the community to help with people's wellbeing and happiness and that is getting everyone active in Parks!

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I saw a poster the other day warning fly tippers that they were being watched and I had to laugh out loud.

Apparently they have installed CCTV cameras, as fly tipping has become a epidemic, we need to appreciate the country and others that like a clean way of life, I do believe in keeping yr areas clean does give a sense of proudness and also young children learn from a young age to be clean & tidy, it just makes people in to descent productive human beings.

It will be helpful if those from the council in charge of Woodside Park that can see my message can provide us with our sport activities, as we seem to be waiting for such a long time whenever we ask for something that has to do with the whole of our community.

While it may be that Haringey has not replied or acted as fast as you might wish, you have to look at what has happened to Haringey funding over the last few years.  It has been cut and cut and cut by Central Government.  So the Council has had to cut funds for all but essential services.  There are less street sweepers, virtually no youth facilities, less parks funding, changes to so many services we all value... and these cuts are things that we all notice.

As regards Woodside Park, I think it would be great if there was a skateboard park there.  Then some of the young people who have virtually nothing to do would have something to enjoy.  But someone has got to organise that and get the funding from somewhere.  I do hope it happens - but I will not hold my breath.

I do appreciate that Central London, keep telling us all there are Cuts! but when they want they do find the funding for wealthy areas, as we seem to be neglected and forgotten about, statistically they know what kind of people live in borough's, ethnic backgrounds, poor/rich whose working or not, so they predict from all the above if we deserve new or not!
Our government owned so many colonial countries and still do, what have they done with all that money, they should Cut The pay of so many at the top that do nothing for the people apart from consume all the profits and leave us to suffer, The Mayor of London pay & all the MP's pay it's just disgusting how much they get, there job is a status, not because they care, a waste of taxpayers money, when it can be used in our Communities, fixing & keeping safe our properties.

What is the point of local authorities etc, if they do nothing for us apart from take our council tax & we also pay income tax where does all that money go!!

It's all bureaucracy, and the people have had enough of the lies!



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