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Can anyone recommend someone who can restore (strip and repolish) x4 dining room chairs?  A friend is re-upholstering the seats for me, but I'd like to find someone local who can renovate the wood frames if possible.   Any pointers would be helpful!  thanks Joanna

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If it's just a matter of stripping the old polish off and revarnishing or staining, I could do it for you.  I'm not a professional, but I stripped an Edwardian gate-leg table and a tallboy of my own and restained and varnished them, and they look fine.  But if these are antiques or french polished, you will need someone with more experience.  

I would be delighted if you'd do them, Thuranie!   I will email you separately with a pic of one of them so you can give me a price, perhaps?   Many thanks for your speedy response....

Great.  I'll look out for your email. Let me know where you are as well, as I can probably pick them up in my car (two by two if necessary) and do them in my garden while the weather's good.



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