Hello all
A couple of weeks ago there was a thread on here suggesting a cat lovers group, and mentioning cat sitters. I came to this too late,and am now looking for someone to feed my cat when I'm away mid September. I am in Thorold Road, and would be happy to reciprocate, or pay a reasonable fee.
Anyone willing, or any suggestions please?

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Hi, I live in Queens Rd, just about 2 mins walk away, so could do it. When did you have in mind? I am plenty experienced in cat feeding!!

Are you the Richard I met briefly at the Wetlands Centre last week?
Do you have a cat yourself? If you are willing sounds good - perhaps we should have a chat?

LOL, yeah it's me I wasn't sure it was the same Trish! Email me - Have you got my email address from the Art Group round-robin emails?

Sounds like you are already sorted, but I'd be glad of reciprocal cat feeding arrangements, if you need another contact. I'm in Hardwicke Road.

Hi what is happening with this group? Thought we were going to meet up soon? Willing to meet others any time.

Warm wishes

I'd be glad to hear about a cat lovers group, but I can't find any threads relating to it.

Hi Ruth

There were discussions on this forum thread, as a result a Cat Club Group has been established on the site.

Thanks. I think perhaps the search function on these forums doesn't work very well. I searched for 'cat' and 'cat lover' and got no results.

Hi Ruth, no I'm not yet sorted, and would be v grateful if you are still willing to help me out. My email is trish.dyson@o2.co.uk perhaps you could contact me directly, and let me have your phone number?



I also have a contact who looks after cats but she is away until 12th Sept, otherwise I think that she would be available if you need help in the future. I can give you her contact details if you want her as a back-up?

Thanks, that would be great.
Ruth has agreed to feed my cat this time, but she doesn't live particularly near to me and we agreed it would be a good idea to have a wider circle of cat owners willing to do reciprocal
feeding. Perhaps this is something which could be established through the Cat Club?
Anyone interested please do get in touch.


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