Has anyone noticed that the number of Canada Geese on the New River path has suddenly multiplied? There were four a few weeks ago and then I went on holiday, came back and there are about 20. I have no problem with birds or any wildlife but Canada Geese are regarded as a pest in many countries and for good reason - they are very territorial and threaten biodiveristy plus they shit a lot! The path is covered with poo and while it's too soon to know if they are discouraging other species, that is the story generally.


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Thecanada geese migrate around many water courses...for example the "lake" at North London Business Park.

Note that the "lake" at North London Business Park is a means to an end...... the lake was created as part of the site development to provide a "sump" surface water drainage relief slowing the discharge of rain water into local river water courses

As Deborah Holder reports, the Canada geese can be very territorial......please, please, do not be tempted to feed the birds; and keep young children's fingers well away.....to avoid serious imjuries

I know they have had problems with them at Finsbury Park taking over the bird population. I counted them today and there are actually 45 of them.  Not sure who'll back away first  - the drinking picnicers with their beer cans and litter or the geese and their huge quantities of shit. 


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